So, we’ve finally booked our holiday! Yay! No mean feat for us, as we normally leave it to the very last minute (I’m talking just a few days or so) which then means I’m in a mad scrabble to get everything ready for the trip, including gym workouts too.

But this year is different. I’ve got a good four weeks ahead of me to plan out my packing, shop for the bits I need, repack a dozen times (anyone else?) and most importantly, get my body summer ready.

I’ve been relatively good with my food intake these past few months. I’ve been fasting for Ramadan, so I’ve been able to really control what I’ve been eating, but the gym workouts have obviously suffered. That’ll be over in a few days, so it’ll be back to the daily gym workout. Thank goodness, though, for my Slendertone Connect Abs Belt – my abs workout hasn’t suffered as a result of fasting as I’ve been able to use that five times a week, so at least I feel like I’m doing something in the interim.

Now I need to rev it back up, tone up and feel body confident for the summer styles. Right now, I’m not feeling that confident for all those midriff bearing crop tops that are so key this season, but it seems I’m not alone. Recent research has found that 60% of Brits don’t feel confident about being seen in their swimwear and even more (62%) lack the confidence to bare their stomachs in public, while a whacking 85% wish they had a firmer, more toned stomach (count me in those stats).

We all know what we should be doing, but actually doing it, and doing it consistently is another thing entirely. It takes self-motivation, discipline and good habits. The pressures of daily life make it all to easy to let our good habits slip by the wayside, so here are some of my top tips to staying motivated and feeling body confident.



Set a goal and stick to it

It’s easy to set goals, so much harder to stay on track to achieve them. Even harder still when you’re on a mission but friends and family aren’t on board with you. So I make it clear to those around me what I’m doing and why, I’m always amazed how many want to get involved too! If you have an upcoming event, be it a holiday, a wedding, a festival, whatever it is, it helps to stay on target if you have a date and event in mind. I’ve now got myself one of those huge office calendars up on my kitchen wall to tick off the countdown to the holiday – it’s the most motivating thing as I see the days go by. Or pick a healthy body that inspires you to tone up and stick a picture up somewhere you’ll see it everyday to motivate you.

Set a routine

We are creatures of habit and we like routine. It certainly helps me feel more in control and more confident I’m doing the right thing if I stick to my routine. For me, my best workout time is in the morning – if i miss it, I know I’ll procrastinate and inevitably miss working out that day. So my morning gym session is non-negotiable, followed by my Slendertone belt to really up the anti on my abs workout. Just 20-30 minutes every day and I’m giving my abs an amazing workout and I can use it while I’m doing other things so it fits perfectly into my busy lifestyle. Currently, I try to use it as soon as I get back from the gym while I’m making my post-workout protein shake and tidying up the house. I’ve even used it while I’m cooking – fitting in the equivalent of 200 crunches while I make dinner!

These days, my toning routine involves less of the heavy weight lifting and more of lifting my own body weight. I’m after a firm, lean body, with muscle definition and a strong core. Never underestimate the overall health benefits of a strong core – it’s your powerhouse for fitness and strength and is important at any and every age. That’s why the Slendertone Connect Abs belt is now a vital part of my toning routine – my core is stronger, my abs are firmer, more defined and I feel like my posture is better.

Alex Crockford, PT and Slendertone Ambassador says “Once you’ve developed a powerful midsection then other areas of the body, including the more superficial muscles, will follow suit as you become stronger and more defined. So strengthen up from the inside out and your sculpted, toned tummy – not to mention your new found confidence – will not go unnoticed.”

I combine my toning with regular cardio sessions and healthy meal plan – I’ve recently cut out diary, sugar and gluten from my diet and it’s made a huge difference to my energy levels.

Get Active!

While it may not seem like it, this is our summer, folks! The longer days are just crying out for me to be more active, so I try to incorporate a more active lifestyle into my daily routine – I’ll walk instead of taking the bus, get out into the garden and jump around on my kids’ trampoline and meet friends for a walk in the park instead of sitting down for a coffee. Oh, and wearing my Slendertone belt whilst on the trampoline takes it a whole new level!

Find like minded friends

While this is true at any time of the year, I feel it’s even more important right now. The clock is ticking, each day is one day closer to getting into my bikini, so friends who are also on a similar mission are everything. And those that just want to sabotage my efforts? I’ll see them when I get back from holiday!

Support from those around you is so important when you’re making lifestyle changes, especially on those days you feel you can’t be bothered. The virtual trainer app that comes with the Slendertone Abs belt is so good to keep motivation high, and support you on your fitness journey to reach your goals.

The Bigger Picture

Don’t set yourself up for failure by thinking that your life depends on getting into shape for that holiday / party / festival etc. Sure, having a date and event in mind is great to kickstart your regime, but think of the long term too. There’s no such thing as a quick fix, especially if you’re looking to get into shape… it takes time, effort and more effort on an ongoing basis. Eat healthy, stay active, and you’ll see the results – just don’t give up. And remember, Slendertone isn’t a quick fix either – it’s important to use regularly as part of your healthy active lifestyle.



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