Ever since I tried my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick I’ve been hooked. With each new launch, I’m back for more; I can’t resist.

Before I’d even tried the beautiful formulas, I was drawn in by the beautiful packaging on each and every product in the range. I’m a sucker for anything in rose gold, so I think I’d have probably convinced myself to love the lipsticks on that basis alone! I mean, this is serious #packaginggoals right there! The rose gold cases, heavily ridged with their satisfying click closure, draw envious glances whenever they come out of my makeup bag and look so beautiful on the dressing table.


The most recent addition to the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks, the Hot Lips range, is a glorious collection of shades which I’m saving for a future post, but the formulas within this new range fall into the two already available: the K.I.S.S.I.N.G collection and the Matte Revolution, both of which are worth investing in.


There’s so much to love, from the shade selection (almost every shade manages to look amazing on just about every skin tone – how on earth do you manage to do that, Charlotte?), the formulas are hydrating, comfortable and so long-lasting. The K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks are more hydrating, and with more of a sheen to them, so obviously don’t last as long as the matte ones, but the staying power of the Matte Revolution Lipsticks is incredible. Somehow, Charlotte has managed to get the right mixture of matte with comfort, staying power and creaminess…yes, creaminess in a matte lipstick. You really have to try it to know what I’m talking about. They’re even perfectly moulded with a square tip, so you can get a precise lip line without using a lipliner when on the go, although I’d always start with either my Iconic Nude, Pillow Talk or Hollywood Honey Lipliners, also by Charlotte Tilbury. I’d even go so far as saying they are my favourite matte lipsticks ever, and I’ve tried many a lipstick – anyone remember my 365 different lipsticks, a different lipstick everyday for a year?


You may think that the ones that look new are my least worn, but you’d be wrong. Bond Girl, from the Matte Revolution collection, is a firm favourite and looks new because it is; it’s my second one. Worn either on it’s own or layered ombre-style under Amazing Grace, it’s without fail the one lipstick that has garnered me the highest number of compliments ever.

My very first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick purchase was a trio of nudes and reds: Penelope Pink, which fast became my most flattering nude shade, Nude Kate, which I always need to wear with a lipliner to make it warm enough for my skin tone, and So Marilyn, which I loved so much I wore it on Christmas Day. And an obsession was born.


My favourite Matte Revolution shade almost didn’t happen. I must have swatched Amazing Grace over ten times in-store, always coming away with a different shade, Walk of Shame being my first foray into the Mattes, closely followed by Glastonberry and Bond Girl, with a non-matte Bitch Perfect thrown in for good measure. But for some reason Amazing Grace wouldn’t let me go, so I finally gave into the inevitable and I’m so glad I did. It’s without doubt the most flattering shade, both on my my skin tone and on lighter skin shades too. It gives a groomed and polished look, without looking like I’ve made too much effort, and never fails to ‘lift” my face.

From lipstick to foundations, blushers, powders, my Charlotte Tilbury obsession has grown and grown, so make to come back for upcoming future posts on my other favourites from this must have makeup brand. (You can see a sneaky peak of some of them in the background of the photos above).


Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks, £23, buy here




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