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It’s no secret that mascara is a key item in just about every women’s makeup bag – a straw poll amongst friends asking them which makeup item they wouldn’t leave the house without put mascara right up there at the top, along with concealer. No great surprise why – just a coat or two opens up eyes, giving you a more wide awake look, and who doesn’t love a little lash flutter?

Recently I was asked to trial a new semi-permanent lash extension by Lash Perfect – the Russian Varia Lash Extensions. Now I get asked many times to trial different brands of lash extensions, but without fail, I always back out, preferring instead to stick to my favourite mascaras and on occasion, persevere with a strip lash for special occasions (and we all know how bad I am at that!)

For some reason, I couldn’t say no to the Russian Varia – they sounded like the holy grail of the lash extension, the answer to all my lash prayers and the timing was great – perfect for the summer for low maintenance beauty on holiday.







So off I went to the Lash Perfect Salon on Warwick Street in Soho, to put myself in the very capable hands of Natalie. And I’m so pleased I did. They are so beautiful, I’ve never had so many compliments on my lashes, not only from friends and family but also from beauty pr’s, beauty writers, even other lash experts! I’ve had so many questions about them, I’ll try to answer them all here (but feel free to ask me any more questions – you can tweet me on @AmbarinaHasan or send me a snapchat message on 👻 Ambarina.Hasan)


















Version 2

How long did they take to apply? Approximately two hours for a full set.

How long will they last? About three-four weeks, after which you can have them topped up to keep them looking lush.

What makes them different? These are the fluffiest, most natural looking lash extensions I’ve seen. Instead of applying one lash to each lash as in the original Russian lash extensions, the Varia version applies three lashes of three different lengths to each lash to keep them looking natural.

Doesn’t that make them very heavy? Each lash hair that’s applied is so feather weight light that I can’t even feel the lashes on my eyes.

Do they irritate the eyes? Not at all. I didn’t feel the lashes being applied and I’m not aware of them on my eyes. Quite often I’ll forget I’m wearing them until someone compliments me on them.

Can you see under those lashes? Yes! The curl on the lashes is so perfect that you don’t get any sight of the lashes within your peripheral vision. 

Don’t they ruin your natural lashes? I’ll admit, I was worried too. But these are so light that they really are adding only the barest minimal weight to your lashes. Because they are stuck to the lash hair (not the skin) they fall out when your lashes naturally shed, so effectively they last the natural life cycle of your natural lash.

How has it changed your makeup routine? Since the day I’ve had these applied, I haven’t worn any eye makeup. None. At all. No eyeliner, no mascara and no eyeshadow. While I probably will be wearing eyeshadow for nights out, there really is no need to wear eyeliner unless you desperately want to, and of course, the very point of having the lash extensions is to do away with the need for mascara – they do such a great job of defining the eye all on their own. It’s cut my getting-ready-in-the-morning time in half: on off-duty days, all I need is concealer, foundation and lip balm and I’m done and out the door. And I LOVE that I wake up looking so groomed and girly!

How do you remove makeup? Of course, you can’t use any oil-based products to remove makeup as it would weaken the glue and your lashes wouldn’t last as long. Lash Perfect sell a couple of eye-makeup removers that are totally oil free, so of course I bought one of them before leaving the salon along with the specially designed cleansing cloth.

How do you remove them if you don’t want them anymore? The easiest way to remove them is to go back to the salon where they will gently remove the lashes without harming your natural lashes. Don’t, on any account, try to pull them out yourself (ouch!). 

Where can I get them done? This is quite honestly the single most asked question – they really do look that good in real life! There are lots of Lash Perfect certified salons; the easiest way to way to find one close to you is to use their salon finder. I went to the salon in Soho.

How much do they cost? Depending on if you’re going for the full set (like I did) it’s upto £200. It’s a considered purchase, but the difference it makes to your face is like having a mini facelift!

I really hope that answers all your questions, but definitely let me know if you have any other questions about the treatment. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go flutter my beautiful lashes!





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