Summer Holiday Beauty Hacks

I know the feeling all too well and I’m sure you do too? You’ve all the plans in place to get yourself ready for your holiday, but before you know it, the time has whizzed by, the legs are still hairy, the fake tan appointment hasn’t happened and you haven’t even thought about packing!

Don’t worry girl… I’ve got you! There are still some last minute beauty hacks you can do that take minimal time, minimal cost and will get you feeling ready for your holiday pronto!


Summer Holiday Beauty Hacks Veet Nair Hair Removal

Fuzz Free

So you’ve missed your waxing appointment, the legs and bikini areas are looking yeti like and there are swimsuits and bikinis to get into. Fear not, at-home hair removal has just about everything you could need for smooth hair-free skin. If I have time, I prefer waxing – this new Veet Professional Warm Wax is a doodle to use. No cloth strips, the wax dries quickly and comes off easily, taking your hair with it! Reminds me of the home-made sugaring my mother used on me when I was a young girl. If I don’t have time for waxing, then a hair removal cream like these ones from Nair are  my best friend. Works quickly, last for upto a week, and none of those nasty smells you used to associate with depilatory creams. Best of all, either or both are easy to throw into your suitcase so you can keep the hair-free skin going even while on holiday.


Summer Holiday Beauty Hacks Pedicure

Sandal -ready feet?

Flip-flops and skimpy summer sandals means leave nothing to the imagination. If there was ever a time during the year that feet are on show, this is it. Like me, if you’ve forgotten to book that pedicure, it’s easy to get fabulous feet in time for the holiday without leaving home. The Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Pedi (which I raved about many a time before) removes all the dead skin you didn’t ever know you had, revealing the smoothest skin you could ever imagine. Followed with a nourishing foot cream from Margaret Dabbs and I’m left with baby soft feet that are clamouring to be shown off Two coats of my favourite Essie colours for summer ready feet finishes the job nicely.


Summer Holiday Beauty Hacks Face Mask Facial

Forgot the pre-flight facial?

When I was single, a pre-flight facial (and hair appointment) were non-negotiable. Fast forward a few years and with a husband and three children to factor in, (not to mention my two adorable cats), that’s something that’s become a nice-to luxury, rather than the norm. So I always take a few sheet masks with me to make sure I give my skin the pampering it deserves. I’m currently loving the StarSkin masks – there really is one for just about every skin concern, including some gorgeous under the eye patches too.


Summer Holiday Beauty Hacks Body Scrub Coffee Scrub

Fake-tan fanstasy

That St Tropez appointment never quite happened, did it? Glow up at home before you hit the airport. Start in the shower with a coffee scrub lie this one from Fig + Arrow to invigorate your circulation and slough away any dead skin cells then follow up with a fake tan of choice. I’m currently loving Vita Liberata for a healthy glow as I hit the beach, that I can build on during the holiday, while a drop or two of Tan-Luxe mixed into my moisturiser adds an even deeper tone when I need it.


Summer Holiday Beauty Hacks Hair Care

Hair Horrors

I always like to get my hair trimmed before I go on holiday, (with a colour appointment booked for as soon as I get back) but in the same way as the pre-flight facial doesn’t always happen, so it goes with the hair. So it becomes a damage-limitation situation. To keep my hair from getting ruined on holiday, I’ll always pack a hat (this year I’m taking the one kindly sent to me by Alpha-H to celebrate their sun protection range), and as many bands and clips as I can to tie my hair up and away from the sun’s damaging rays. I love Invisibobble and these lovely bands from from Bandtz. I’ll aways pack an intensive hair mask to use regularly while I’m away, like this fab one from Louise Galvin which always performs miracles, and if I can get my hands on Phyto’s PhytoPlage to protect my hair in the sun, then that comes with me too.


Hope you found these useful?

What are your pre-holiday beauty hacks? Let’s share them in the comments below!




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