Happy 21st, Alpha-H!

Alpha h 21st birthday Liquid Gold, Liquid Laser, Balancing Cleanser


I was gutted to have to miss last night’s party to celebrate 21 years of great skincare from Alpha-H, a brand that I’ve loved from the first day I tried it and is always part of my skincare routine.

So I thought in celebration of the occasion, I’d do a quick little post about my top 3 products from Alpha H.

First up, without a shadow of a doubt, it has to be Liquid Gold. This is iconic and is a cult product in any skincare aficionado’s arsenal. It’s a naturally derived glycolic acid that’s used as an overnight treatment – I use it once month for a week on alternate nights. It exfoliates, stimulates cell turnover, and boosts the skin’s own synthesis of collagen and elastin. It’s great for every skin type and even more so for problem skin.

Next up is the Liquid Laser Cleansing Oil. Loved this from the first time I used it. Love its creamy formula that feels nourishing whilst it cleanses. Love how it softens my skin, removes all my makeup, daily grime and grit and love that it’s full of anti ageing ingredients that bring back radiance to my sometimes tired-looking skin.

It was hard to just choose three (why didn’t I go for including more in this post?) but the third one has to be the Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera. This is perfect for every day, but especially on days when my skin is feeling a little sensitive or sensitised. And it totally came through for me when I had the awful allergic skin reaction around my eyes – this was the only thing I could use that didn’t sting and have me crying out loud. Love this.

Are you an Alpha H devotee? Which are your favourite products?


(all products are linked in the text in case you fancy shopping any of them!)




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