Benefit Does Brows… and how!


Let’s talk brows. You’ve more than likely heard that Benefit have completely reinvented and relaunched their brow collection – not only reformulating and repackaging the existing products, but adding a whole host of others to the offering as well. Basically, there’s just about nothing you need for creating perfect instagram-worthy brows that Benefit now doesn’t do.

After having tried all the different products, from brow gel to brow pomade, from underbrow-highlighter to a 3-d brow enhancer (yes, really! and it’s really good – one of those I-didn’t-know-I-needed-it until-I-tried-it products), I’m totally sold! (By the way, I’ve always loved a slightly thicker brow – you can check my last eyebrow tutorial here, although that’s due for an update!) and make sure to scroll down to bottom of this post for a before and after!

Of the 13 products that will be available from 24th June, I’ve been trying these four out, and I’m loving the results.





The BrowVo! is one of my favourite products. It’s colourless, so it will suit all skin and hair tones, works as a primer but also as a conditioner for the lashes, thanks to the inclusion of keratin and soy proteins which are known to help brows look thicker and fuller. it’s one of those click-pens – just one click releases enough product for each brow. I wear it under any other products to act as a primer, but I’m also wearing it at night to see if it helps grow thicker brows – I’ll report back!

The Goof Proof Brow Pencil is one of two pencils in the collection. The other has a really fine nib which allows  you to literally draw in individual hairs. This one, however, has a thicker nib, allowing you to fill in any sparse areas. There’s a great spoolie at the other end – essential to pull the product through the brow hairs and give a more natural look. As with most of the products, it’s available in 6 shades, so there are no longer any excuses for wearing the wrong shade brow! I’m wearing it in shade 3 at the inner portion of my brow – I tend to wear a lighter shade there, and a darker shade on the other two thirds of my brow for a more natural wearable look.

Ka Brow! is Benefit’s answer to Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade, (an old favourite of mine and repurchased many times), but in much cuter packaging! A cream gel in a pot, with a little, and very precise, brush hidden in the lid, this stays put all day, with or without a brow gel applied after. The colour matches are spot-on – I’m wearing this in a shade 5, although I could probably get away with shade 4 too. It’s natural looking yet buildable if you like a stronger brow and it’s waterproof too.

And last but not least in my little selection, it’s the iconic Gimme Brow. This tinted brow gel with its teeny-tiny brush has already found its way into thousands of makeup bags, but now it’s been repackaged it’s even cuter! It’s great for setting your brows once all your other products are in place, but because it’s tinted (three shades available for this one, I’m in the middle shade, 3) it’s also great for off-duty days when you don’t really want to add more than just a hint of definition. The volumising microfibres plump up your brows and the tint adds just the right amount of colour.

IMG_0018 (1)

One brow done….

IMG_0020 (1)

Both brows done!

There are more products that you won’t be able to live without, all on the Benefit website, all avalaibel from 24th June.

What’s your go-to brow routine? You can check mine here although as I mentioned above, I need to do an updated routine tutorial!


(all products linked in the text if you fancy shopping!)



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