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Every so often I step back from my fitness and nutritional regime to think about my motivation for training so hard and watching what I eat. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve made being active in general, and working out at the gym in particular, a part of my daily life, but why?

Is it just to look good in the next selfie? Surely if I’m not feeling totally body confident by the time I hit the beach, a little sarong action will work wonders.

Is it just to wear the latest skinny jeans without a muffin top spilling over? Again, clever dressing can disguise a multitude of sins.

Or is it just to have an excuse to go shopping for cute workout gear and new trainers on a regular basis? Err, yes, of course, but….

Does it run deeper than that? I know most of us are now on the countdown to the summer holidays, getting into shape for the swimsuit and bikini season, but sometimes it’s good to step back and really think about why we’re working out.

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For me, getting fit and staying strong is all about “futureproofing” my body. With the advances in science and medicine, the majority of us can look forward to a longer life, but does that mean it’ll be a healthy one? I want to be able to be active to a ripe old age, not be confined to a wheelchair, if I can. I’m preparing for the future by taking care of my body in the present. This body I have is, in essence, a machine, that has a shelf life, a “best before” date that to some extent, is out of my control. What is within my control though, is how well this machine works until that time. (Sorry to get all morbid on on you guys). So I make sure to feed it with all the right things to “oil” this machine and keep it moving to ensure it all keeps going as well as it can.

And it seems I’m not the only one. Recent research has shown that 83% of Brits are concerned about their future health and body condition, while almost three-quarters wish they had done more exercise and taken better care of their bodies. Hindsight is a great thing, isn’t it?

But it’s never too late to get active. Whether it’s just getting off the bus a stop or two early to walk to work, taking the stairs instead of the lift, or fitting in an extra workout session, every little bit counts and your body will thank you for it. In the modern day, we’re all sitting around way too much, and we know it. That same research showed that 60% of Brits worry that the length of time they spend sitting down every day could impact not only our health but our emotional wellbeing – it’s no secret that exercise releases the ‘happy endorphins” that make you feel like you have more energy after a workout, not less.

So even if you feel you don’t have the time or energy for getting active now, think of it as an insurance policy for the future – you only get one body. “Futureproof” your body by strengthening it right from the core, eat right to feed it with all the right nutrients and lead as active and healthy a lifestyle as you can – only you can look after your body. A strong core is essential to the “futureproofing” philosophy. It will help to prevent injury and stabilise the spine, improves posture and helps to banish backache – how many times have you seen an elderly person walking along the street, almost bent over.

We use our core muscles without even thinking about in so many everyday movements – twisting, reaching for something, bending, pulling or pushing something, picking something up, sitting down, standing up… in fact, we engage our core all the time, even now, while you’re sitting down reading this blog post.

So it makes sense to give our core muscles that extra attention in our daily workouts. Slendertone’s Connect Abs is the perfect addition to an active lifestyle –  just one half hour session is equivalent to over 200 ab crunches…done really really well. And when incorporated into a workout, it’s a real winner. If you’re not sure how to best to do this, fitness expert and celebrity trainer Lonan O’Herlihy has created a Slendertone Futureproofing Workout which I’m currently loving right now. Starting off with some stretching, the workout lasts only twenty minutes, and includes Squat Jumps, Toe Taps, Press Ups and Plank Pushes (moving from a plank position to a press up position), finishing off with some cool-down stretching. This little workout, when performed wearing the Slendertone Connect Abs belt, is a great core workout that is perfect to incorporate into your weekly routine.

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So it comes back to functionality. By focussing on strengthening my core muscles as a part of my daily routine, I’m futureproofing my body for anything that life might throw at it.

What are your tips for futureproofing your body?



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