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I get it. I really do. You start out with the best intentions, end goal in sight. You’re going to get into that dress for that special party. You’re going to look your personal hottest on the beach. You’re going to rock those skinny jeans as well as the best of them. You eat according to plan. You exercise according to plan, it’s all going according to plan. The weight starts to drop off. The measuring tape becomes your new best friend.

And then.

It seems to plateau. You can’t see any difference. Nothing you seem to do makes any difference. You even conptemplate a crash diet (word of advice: don’t do it, it all comes back again, and more besides. Trust me, I speak from experience). In fact, I speak from bitter experience about the whole experience. It’s normally around this time of the year that my motivation wanes, my resolve with it.






So here are my 5 Top Ways to Stay Motivated


No. 1

Goal in Mind

Know what you want to achieve and write it down. Stick it up on the fridge, or any place you see everyday, and if it’s a public place in your home (not inside your wardrobe door!), all the better. That way, you can enlist the support of those around you. Make sure the goals you set are achievable and measurable. For me, this year, my goal was to look good in  pair of shorts in time for the Easter holidays, and in a bikini by the summer. That’s as simple as it gets for me. Something to aim for, that’s (hopefully) attainable, and will make me happy.


No. 2

Force of Habit

I find it’s so much easier to stick at something if I have a routine in place. If I leave it to “oh, I’ll work out sometime today”, the time races away, and before I know it, more than half the day has whizzed by and I’ve lost the motivation to workout properly. So planning out the day is vital to keeping motivated and on track. Before I go to bed the night before, I’ll have prepared what I’m going to do in the gym and what I’m going to eat the next day – that way it’s so much easier not to get way-laid, either by a “quick coffee” that then takes over the whole morning, or by a last-minute unhealthy quickie lunch or dinner, because I’ve taken the time to prep it all up before. My best advice is to find what works for you and stick with it. For me, I need to get my workout done and finished with first thing in the morning – I find I don’t push myself as hard if it’s any later in the day. And five days a week, I use my Slendertone Connect Abs belt as soon as I get back from either my morning run or my gym workout (read more about that here). It intensifies my workout, while I can get on with doing other things, and because it’s part of my weekday routine, I don’t forget. It’s important to remember there is no quick fix in getting fit and toned, and that includes using Slendertone. Success comes from regular use, as part of a healthy active lifestyle to get the most out of the benefits it can offer. The long term benefits of using the belt include a stronger core, firmer and tighter abs (yes please!) and just as importantly, feeling good and confident about yourself…and that in itself is the greatest motivator of all.



Get on Track

Just as I find it’s important to write down what I plan to do (so I have something concrete to commit to), it’s also just as important to keep a track on progress. Whether it’s on an app on my phone (more on that below) or writing it down in a notebook, it’s a great way to stay motivated. I can’t tell how good it feels to look back on last week’s workouts and see that I’ve managed to get stronger or fitter, or have more stamina. Likewise, being able to look back on a food diary and see when there have been days when I’ve managed to stick to the plan with no cheating spurs me on, knowing that I can actually do it when I really try. That’s why I love the Slendertone app too; it tracks my progress and emails me on how I’m doing, keeps a log of when I’ve used my Abs belt, sends me great tips to help me achieve my toning goals and even sends me a reminder me to use it if I forget.


No. 4

Find a Friend

Even with all the best intentions, there are still times when it’s hard to motivate myself. So partnering up with a friend for my workouts just makes it that much easier to get myself going when it’s the last thing I feel like doing. I’m lucky that my gym buddy is my husband, but he hates running, (and early mornings!), so I’ve talked my neighbour into going running with me first thing in the morning. I’ve even worked out with other like-minded people that I’ve spotted and paired up with in the gym. Once you find your perfect gym-buddy, hold onto them… it’s amazing the difference it makes to a fun and effective workout.



‘Sweat’ Your Phone

Granted, I can sometimes lose an hour or two just checking Twitter, instagram, snapchat…. you know the way it goes. But used in the right way, your phone can be just as motivating as a gym buddy. I follow lots of fitness-inspo instagram accounts to inspire me, keep me going and suggest new exercises. YouTube has a wealth of workout videos that you can follow for free (I especially love some of the yoga workouts), and I don’t really know where I’d be without My Fitness Pal. I honestly think it’s the best health-related app currently available, and I can’t believe it’s still free to download! You can track your food intake, break it down nutritionally (protein, carbs, fats etc) and even use the barcode scanner to search for foods. (My husband has a Scosche Heart Rate Monitor, in the photos above, which he swears by, and to be honest, I’m becoming quite obsessed with it too!) I use the Fitness Pal app in conjunction with the Slendertone app which acts as a virtual personal trainer; it reminds me to tone up and records and emails me my F.I.T. score. I’m all set to staying motivated and on track to success.

What are your tips for staying motived on your fitness journey?

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