FORMULA X CLIX! The Brightening Prescription | REVIEW


I was brought up to always make sure I look groomed and polished, which meant that hands, nails, hair and shoes should always look presentable. (Hmmm, maybe that’s why I have such an unhealthy obsession with shoes?)  

Anyway, I have this weird thing about me. Although I love a deep red glossy manicure, I always come back to the groomed, polished yet understated nude look for my nails. I call it the “My Nails But Better” option, a look I achieved with the Nails Inc NailKale NailBright polishes not so long ago (you can read more about that here).





More recently, while whiling away the hours in Sephora on a rainy day in Marbella last week, (watch our holiday vlog here) my daughter spied the cute little set of four Formula X The Prescription CLIX! Brightening Set of 4. Not that she needs it, but it’s just so cute it’s totally irresistible, so we ended up buying both the Brightening Set and the Hydrating Set, as I’d heard such great things about the Formula X brand but hadn’t really had a chance to try it.

The Brightening Set is a four-step system that doesn’t just cover up dull, discoloured nails, it actually treats them too. Step 1 is the clear Brightening Treatment that dries away to nothing. Step 2 is the blue tinted (in the bottle) Color Corrector Base Coat that is colourless on the nails. Step 3 is the pink-tinted Sheer Strength – you only need one coat which you let dry completely before you apply the Color Plus top coat. Nails dry really quickly (without a quick-dry top coat), are glossy, smooth and feel so super-strong. I just wish we could get the brand here in the UK.

When nails are this pared down, your cuticles need to be on point. I keep mine moisturised and nourished daily with Dior’s Creme Apricot Nail Cream. I keep it on my desk, right beside my computer, to make sure I don’t forget to apply this gorgeous peachy-pink cream that not only hydrates but also encourages nail growth and strength. (Please excuse my dry skin-hands, I’m currently on antibiotics and it plays havoc with dehydrating my skin).

Now to go play with my shoes….


Formula X CLIX! Brightening Set of 4, buy here

Formula X CLIX! Hydrating Set of 4, buy here

Nails Inc NailKale NailBright, buy here

Dior Creme Abricot Nail Cream, buy here



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