Budget Buy: Avon Big & Multiplied Mascara



I have a certain affinity to Avon which goes back a long way (a story I’ll go into another time in another blog post), so I’m always keen to hear about new launches and new developments, but I feel I don’t talk about them enough.

So today I want to tell you about this new mascara from Avon. Launching on 5th May, this little silver tube, at only £8.50, is giving me some serious lashes. It’s a big fat brush and is seriously black, carbon black – there’s no messing around here. It’s lengthening, curling, volumising and makes me look like I’m wearing black eyeliner as well as mascara when I really haven’t bothered with anything more than a couple of coats.

It hasn’t clumped once, not even on first usage (usually when I find mascaras are super wet and “over apply”) and the curl lasts all day, even without using any lash curlers. It literally fans out my lashes and gives me that wide-eyed Angelina Jolie look.

If you follow me on snapchat (username Ambarina.Hasan – go add me if you haven’t already!)  you’ll have seen this on my eyes, with full-on before-and-after shots, but just in case you missed it, here are a few for you, from just about every angle imaginable (yes, I’m that obsessed with it!)









As ever, it’s available from the Avon website or if you have a local rep who comes round to your home, you can get it from them too.

And as for my own little story about Avon…. I’ll tell you all about it very soon.


Avon Big & Multiplied Mascara, from 5th May, £8.50, buy here





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