Easter holidays are literally around the corner and for me, that means bikini season is well and truly here. Not for me the luxury of waiting until the summer months before I have to peel off and bare all, oh no! That would be too easy. No, I have to head off to the sun for an Easter break where it promises to be all beach and pool. Not that I’m complaining, I’m a very lucky gal, but given that I’ve been wrapped up in sweaters and jeans for the last few months, it’s a slightly terrifying prospect.

So these past couple of weeks, I’ve been on a mission to lose a few kilos and hopefully tone up in time for the season and it mostly revolves around three changes to my morning routine. It seems to be working (fingers crossed!) so I thought I’d share it with you in case you’re also in the same situation as me.





Doing what I was doing (gym and my regular gym sessions), I seemed to have plateaued in terms of weight loss and toning up, so I decided I needed to up my game. The trouble was, I already have very busy days, juggling the three children, work and the gym, so the key issues were finding more time in my packed schedule and finding things that actually worked to make that all important difference. It’s all about creating a new routine that’s ‘do-able’ and sticking to it.

First thing I do is set the alarm half an hour earlier, Now, I’m not going to try to sound all saintly and pretend that it wasn’t torture when started. All I wanted to do was hit that snooze button, turn over and go right back to sleep. But if I wanted to see a difference, I had to exercise a little self-discipline and make a difference. So out of bed I crawl, change into my training gear and hit the pavement for a short run. It’s actually so peaceful at the time that once I’d got past the horror of getting up so early it was actually a pleasure to be out before the traffic started building up.

Bikini babes know it’s all about the abs. So the minute I get back from my run, I’ll strap on my Slendertone Connect Abs for an extra ab workout while I get the children up and ready for school. It’s the first ever app-controlled toning belt with pre-programmed workouts that are adjustable in intensity for a full tummy toning experience. In just half an hour it fits in the equivalent of 200 crunches that hit all the abdominal muscles, including the transversus abdominus, all whilst I get breakfast on the table, cajole the kids out of bed and out the door. I love that it’s fully adjustable and trackable via the bluetooth-connected app on my iPhone, so I can keep an eye on my ab workout progress. The ‘virtual trainer’ on the app is so supportive, sending me a reminder everyday so I don’t forget to do my Slendertone workout, keeping me on track to support my fitness journey and helping me to reach my body goals – regular use is key for the strong, toned, firm tummy that I’m after. I’ve set it for the Upcoming Event programme, but there are 4 other programmes to choose from, including post-natal toning, fitness toning (a core strength training programme I’m aiming to move up to next), and then onto Advanced Toning.

Getting into a routine is so important when training and toning the body; it takes repeated workouts to get results, not just a couple of go’s here and there. So it’s key that my Slendertone time is scheduled for a time that happens every day in my routine, so that it becomes habit and just slots into my day. It’s a half hour that I’m always doing the same thing everyday, and the belt is so easy to wear and control that I can wear it while I’m doing other things; I don’t have to find extra time in my day, time that I don’t have.

If you’ve been following me on either snapchat (go add me – my snapchat name is @Ambarina.Hasan) or on instagram (@BeautyPassionista) you’ll know I’ve been following the Sirtfood Diet. I’m totally on board with all the science behind it (although the fact that they claim the average person will lose 7lbs in seven days…I mean, how is that even a healthy proposition?) I’ve loved following it, saw a little bit of weight loss, but most importantly, felt healthy, energetic, and more in control of my food choices. The green juice recipe has now become a daily staple in our household as it’s the perfect way to get all those important sirt foods into the system in a few quick and easy gulps, so as soon as I get back from my run, it’s out with the juicer and the Vitamix to make my green concoction. I’ve actually got the whole family onto it now as it’s a great way to make sure they all get their daily portion of greens. (Let me know if you fancy a separate post / video on how I make my sirtfood juice – it’s a little complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be doing it with your eyes closed).

I’m two weeks into this new routine and I’ve got two more weeks before I hit the beach. That’s four weeks in total to lose a pound or two and tone up – clinically proven to be very achievable with regular exercise coupled with healthy eating and my Slendertone Connect Abs belt. (In clinical trials, 100% of users felt their abs were more toned an firm – yay!) Slendertone recommends using it 4 to 5 times a week, so I’m using it Monday to Friday as it fits in perfectly into my school run routine.

Le the know if you’ve tried the Slendertone Connect Abs belt to up your workout game or if you’re planning to?

Wishing you all a very happy (and chocolatey!) Easter!


Slendertone Connect Abs, £179.99, buy here

For more information about the Slendertone Connect Abs belt, go to 

I downloaded the Sirtfoods Diet book from


This post is in collaboration with Slendertone,

but all opinions are my own



  1. Meg
    26 March 2016 / 9:48 am

    Thanks for implying that only slim (and perfectly toned) people should wear bikinis. Don’t think I’ll be reading this blog anymore.

    • 28 March 2016 / 4:17 pm

      OMG! That’s not what I meant at all, Meg! I’m so sorry if that’s what you took from my post – I’m certainly not slim and I’ll still be wearing a bikini. I guess all I meant was that I wanted to look the best version of myself, and nothing more than that. Thanks for pointing this out – I completely agree – a bikini is for anyone and everyone who wants to wear one, and I’ve slightly changed my text to reflect this.

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