Cloud 9 Cellulite Kent Brush Shower Bat

Cellulite Kent Brush Shower Bat

Cloud 9 Body Makeover Cellulite

Yup, it’s coming round to that time of year again when the summer holidays are looming, the bikini ads are bombarding us and the lure of a midriff-bearing crop top becomes all too much to bear. A couple of years ago I turned to the fab duo from Karin Herzog (you can read more about that here) to beat those bumps we endearingly call orange peel. This year, I’ve found another aly.

I’ve heard loads about Cloud 9 skincare and how effective it is, so this year, I’m trying out the Cloud 9 Cellulite Treatment Gel. Applied daily after my shower, I can feel the immediate tightening effect it has on the skin (I think this is down to to the Ivy Extract) but the real powerhouse ingredient is the caffeine. Yes, I know we’re often told to cut back on coffee to reduce toxins in our diet as a way to beat cellulite, but when applied topically to the skin, caffeine is a wonder product in the fight against the c-word, (probably why so many anti-cellulite products include it in their ingredient list).

It also contains Horse Chestnut Seed extract and Gotu Kala extract, which together work to improve circulation and reduce inflammation, along with Grape Seed Oil and Grape Leaf extract and Vitamin E acetate.

And I’ll be beating myself up with the Kent Shower Bat Brush to dry body brush the cellulite away. I’ll be using long sweeping strokes up the legs and arms, over the bottom and tummy, always in the direction of the heart, to try to whisk away dead skin cells and stimulate the circulation with this gorgeous beech wood brush made with beautiful white bristles; it takes some getting used to, but I hope it will be worth it in the end. 

Oh, and I’ll try to drink more water too, although I’m not promising anything!

What are your best tips for beating cellulite? Let me know – I’m desperate!


Cloud 9 Body Makeover Cellulite Treatment Gel, £35, buy it here

Kent Brushes Shower Bat Pure Bristle Brush, £18, buy it here



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