Four Steps to Beautiful Hair with Vatika (sp)

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Vatika Indian Hair Oil Shampoo Conditioner Mask

Vatika Indian Hair Care Hair Oil Black Seed Oil

Vatika Indian Haircare Tropical Coconut Shampoo

Vatika Indian Hair Care Argan Oil Shampoo Conditioner

Vatika Indian Hair Haircare Egg Mask

Vatika Indian Haircare Hair Mask Egg Mask

Just as I have a routine for my skincare (you can check out my morning skincare here), I also have a routine for looking after my hair. When I stick to it, I see the results. When I’ve let it slip by the wayside, that shows too, so, in collaboration with Vatika, I thought I’d tell you what I do (in an ideal world) to keep my hair in tip-top condition. 

First and foremost: using a good hair oil. Now, I know that oiling your hair has become super cool these days, but Indian and Middle Eastern women have been doing this for centuries, literally. Just google Indian Champissage and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Earliest Ayurvedic texts going back almost 4,000 years talk about using aromatic oils to massage the hair and most importantly, the scalp.

I’ve been brought up to oil my hair once a week (my daughters do it too!) and now with Vatika’s range of condition specific products, it’s easy to incorporate this into a weekly regime.

Just like my skincare, I mix and match from different ranges, depending on what my hair needs at the time. So, before going to bed, I’ll apply the Black Seed Oil to my hair, from roots to tips, making sure to massage it into the scalp (to help bring fresh oxygenated blood cells to feed the scalp) and applying enough to the ends of my hair to thoroughly saturate it. I’ll then tie it back into topknot and sleep with the oil in my hair, (making sure to place an old towel on my pillow). The body heat generated through the night really helps the oil to moisturise the hair more effectively. Of course there are days when I don’t organise myself in time and forget to apply the oil the night before so I’ll just apply it an hour or so before washing – it still makes a difference to my hair.

In the morning, I’ll wash it out with the Tropical Coconut Shampoo to add volume and condition with Argan Oil Conditioner to give my hair some serious shine. Once a week, I’ll replace the conditioner with a hair mask; I love the Egg Protein Mask for some serious deep conditioning. I’ll apply the mask and wrap my hair up in a hot towel for fifteen minutes to intensify the treatment (a bit like the steam / micromist treatment at my salon) – you can see exactly how I do this in this little video I made here:

On days when I don’t have time to luxuriate in all this, then just five minutes in the mask works like an express treatment and will keep me going until my next time.

As my hair is very flyaway, after applying heat protect spray, I’ll use a product like the Argan Styling Hair Cream before blowdrying to keep my hair from frizzing up and to keep my style looking smooth and glossy all day.

The key is consistency. Even if I can’t do the full-length regime, just making sure that I do the express version at the very least keeps my hair in good condition. Treating my hair with as much reverence as I do my skincare has paid off – my hair has really thanked me for it and doesn’t complain so much when I use my curling wand and other heated appliances.

I’d love to hear if this works for you – let me know in the  comments below.

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  1. Michelle
    24 May 2020 / 4:46 pm

    Great post. I have recently discovered you and I love your content. I have gone out and purchased a ton of Vatika shampoos, masks and styling creams. I still haven’t started using them but I will soon. Quick question – have you tried the Argan Oil Hair mask? If so have you done a review? Is it comparable to the egg mask? thanks in advance!

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