Back in the day, I used to keep my nails much longer than I do today, mainly because I could. I’ve never had a problem with growing my nails; generally they are strong and don’t break or flake. But bashing away at a keyboard on a daily basis requires a shorter nail, as did fashion of late. But you can’t have failed to notice the current obsession with the longer, sharply pointed nail. The ‘stiletto’ nail, and more recently, the ‘coffin’ nail – jut as long but squared off at the tip. Blame Kylie Jenner if you will, but it’s a look that’s not only here to stay, but one that’s grown on me, (pun intended).

While there’s every possibility I could grow my nails into either style, it’s a look that’s sadly just not practical for a busy mum of three who’s at her laptop everyday so at the recent launch of the new season Elegant Touch press-on nails, I decided to go for the most out-there design I could.

Presenting the Elegant Touch x House of Holland Cross to Bare La Croix embellished nails – super nude, super long, super embellished, and most of all, super attention-seeking. Simply glued onto clean dry nails, they lasted over a week without embarrassingly pinging off. But there was a whole host of things I couldn’t do while wearing them. Some are obvious: it was a great excuse not to do any washing up, laundry or generally any housework at all.

But there were things that I couldn’t do that made me wonder how I would actually live with nails so beautifully pristine yet unpratical. So I thought I’d ask around and see what things we girls can’t or won’t do when our nails take priority.

  • Can’t do my jean’s flys…. which means asking someone to unzip me and zip me back up again each and every time I go to the loo
  • Can’t pull on my ultra tight skinny jeans without losing a nail
  • Can’t squeeze a spot – from a friend on Facebook (yuck but so true!)
  • Can’t put on false lashes – it’s fiddly enough at the best of times, but with the extra long nails getting in the way….
  • Chopping and preparing food is a no-n0 – it’s takeaway or eating our for dinner!
  • Can’t take out my contact lenses without literally plucking my eye out – from @EpiphannieA & @FrancescaBate1 on Twitter
  • Can’t change a tampon! from @Catstello on Twitter
  • Can barely type – from @Reena_Rai on Twitter
  • Can’t open a can of diet coke – from @LizaTaitBailey on Twitter
  • Wiping my bottom! – from @VivaLaHannahB on Twitter – I hear you!
  • Can’t pick my nose – from a friend who wishes to stay anonymous!
  • Have to use gloves when washing my kids’ hair – from another anonymous friend
  • Can’t eat daal chawal with my hands – from a Facebook friend for all the desis out there
  • Can’t face paint for my kids at school – from another friend on Facebook
  • Can’t even type on a touch phone – from a Facebook friend
  • Can’t pick up change or paper receipts from the counter – again from a friend on facebook

So these were just a few of the comments I got from friends on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to add yours in the comments below – the more honest and funnier, the better!

In the meantime, I’ve loved every minute with my beautiful nails and none of the above has put me off using them again – the beauty of them far outweighs the negatives (and quite frankly, I’m quite happy not cooking and asking someone to open my Diet Coke can!)


Elegant Touch x House of Holland Cross to Bare Nails, buy here (UK) or here (USA)



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