On Days Like These…

tints of nature dry shampoo Kent Hairbrush

…when my hair is just not “working”, I’ll turn to a dry shampoo. It gives me an extra day between washes, and you know how much I hate (with a vengeance) washing and drying my hair. Not only that, it’s great for adding volume and texture, even on days when my hair is clean.

I’ve currently been turning to tints of nature Dry Shampoo to get me through from wash to wash. It was great for the festive season when I was trying make a salon brow-dry last a little bit longer, and now, with school run duties merging with working out and work, anything that saves me a little time is a god-send! The tiny little bottle is a great deal more powerful than it seems at first sight; there’s over 100 ‘washes’ tucked away in there. There’s no nasty smell, it’s 99.5% natural and organic, non-aerosol and tiny enough to go into a little handbag incase my hair drops while I’m out for the evening (we’ve all been there)!

Just a couple of squirts (obviously the technical term!) from the easy-to-direct nozzle is enough to banish greasy roots at the crown and at the front of the head, which I find is enough to give the impression of clean, just washed hair. My locks still feel soft and manageable, not like they’ve been doused in a tonne of powder. The tapioca and corn starches are so finely milled they literally disappear after having soaked up any excess oils and moisture. And most importantly for a dark haired gal like me, it doesn’t leave a white, ashy, powdery residue that so many dry shampoos are wont to do. Just make to sure to use it with a light hand, apply only at the roots, let it absorb for a minute and then massage in and brush out any excess.


tints of nature Dry Shampoo, £12.95, buy here



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