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Party Prep Illuminage SHOW, Face Mask

Unless you’ve gone into hibernation for the winter, it’s a fair bet you’ll have a party or a gathering or dinner or a ‘something’ to attend. If you’ve been hiding away underneath a big puffa coat, hat and boots like me, you’ll need to get to grips with some pre-party preparation to get yourself ready for the season, so I thought I’d share my game plan to get me from drab to glam.

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illuminage Touch IPL hair removal party prep

First step is to exfoliate that skin back to velvety smoothness. I’ll slough away those dead skin cells with the Australian Bodycare Exfoliating Body Wash and then moisturise with whatever I have to hand – I’m currently still using my Soap & Glory Righteous Butter as I love the smell! Party skin requires some serious defuzzing, but I’ve been a step ahead of the game this year with my laser appointments at s:kn – my armpits are now almost completely hair-free. (You can read more about that here). I’ve been de-hairing my arms at home with the iluminage touch as I like a hair-free arm and I’m really happy with the result – I’ll be writing a full review of the iluminage touch on the blog soon, but in a sentence, I love that it’s an epilator and IPL treatment all in one gadget that’s really easy to use. It would make the perfect present, either to yourself or a loved one.

Timeless Truth Face Sheet Masks Party Prep

Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Set Show Beauty Hair Oil Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Varnish

Face masks are my fast-track route to beautifully plumped, nourished and super soft skin and sheet masks are my current addiction. Timeless Truth Masks are great for giving the skin a serious dose of ingredients (and the added bonus of scaring the kids silly!). The sheet is literally dripping with the mask serum ingredients so I always use the extra mask liquid over other parts of my skin so it doesn’t go to waste. The Caviar Nourishing Mask is great in the run up to a party, but on the day of a big event, I’ll turn to either the Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask or the Bee Bio Cellulose Bee Venom + Royal Jelly Miracle Mask for radiance, firmness, tightening and smoothing. While I’m masking up, I’ll make sure to drench my hair in SHOW Beauty’s Hair Oil – a long time favourite. Ten whole pipettes full may seem like a lot, but massaged into the hair and scalp and left over night, it literally transforms my hair from dull to supermodel. Yes, it’s eye-wateringly expensive but it’s totally worth every penny in my opinion.

And while I’m the subject of hair, I’ve found the most amazing pair of tweezers! I never thought I’d use anything other than my Tweezermans, but these funny looking ones by Barbara Carranza have really helped me to shape my brows. I just place the beak-like angled tip alongside the edge of the brow and pluck away any extraneous hairs. Of course, there’s nothing like a professional threading, there’s always the odd hair that pops up the day after a salon visit, isn’t there?

Party Prep Autralian BodyCare Tea Tree Oil (2)

Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Set Show Beauty Hair Oil Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Varnish

Last up, I’ll make sure my nails are looking their best with a buff and polish. The Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Set is an easy way to get naturally smooth shiny nails – perfect if you fancy the natural look, and great for applying colour over. The gadget comes with three little attachments that allow you to file, buff and shine – my husband loves it too for a natural yet groomed look. And of course, my nail varnish shade of the season is Chanel’s Rouge Noir – obviously!

What are your pre-party prep must-do’s?


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PPS – make sure to check my instagram (@BeautyPassionista) to see the sheet face masks in action! 

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  1. December 13, 2015 / 8:29 pm

    All fab choices – so jealous you’ve tried laser, hair removal is the bane of my life! Chanel’s Rouge Noir is definitely at the top of my Christmas list this year!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    • December 14, 2015 / 9:16 pm

      Thanks for your comment – I agree, hair removal is such a pain! Definitely worth trying one of the home use permanent treatments if you get a chance!
      Hope you have a lovely Christmas xXx

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