#AllIWantForChristmas is…. To Mix My Own Nail Varnish!

Palette London Nail Paint Collection

Have you ever hankered after a particular colour of nail varnish but you just couldn’t find it anywhere? Well, this neat idea from Palette London could be the answer to your dreams. 

It’s such a clever little idea that it’s a wonder no one’s thought of it before – become your own nail colour mixologist! Using different combinations of the five pigments in the kit, the possibilities are endless: whether you’re after the perfect nude shade, a wickedly vampy red or just want to match a nail colour exactly to a dress you’re wearing; all it takes are a few drops of this and a few drops of that, give it a shake and voila! You have your own custom-blended shade that no one else will have. 

Palette London Nail Paint Kit

Palette London Nail Paint Kit Open Shades

Using the formula guide included in the lid of the box as a starting point, it really is as simple as using the pipette to drop colour into the little bottle (5 supplied) and shaking it up a storm to blend beautifully. Fancy a coral shade? Get busy with red and yellow in the appropriate quantities. Want something a little more vampy? Reach for the blue and red in the correct ratio. And you can always change it up with the addition of white to create a lighter shade – there really is no wrong or right, just loads of fun.

Two words of advice though. Firstly, make sure to make a note of what you used to create your shade – that way, if you want to recreate it, you’ll have the recipe. Trust me, I can’t for the life of me remember exactly how I got to the three shades you see above. And secondly, prepare to get addicted – making just one shade is never enough!

The fun element of this is off the charts, making it the perfect present for any beauty or nail varnish lover in your life, or even just for you.

Time to let the mixologist in you take free reign!


Palette Create Your Own Nail Paint Collection, £25, buy here



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