#AllIWantForChristmas is… Pretty Party Feet (ad)

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So we’re well and truly in the throes of the party season, and it’s all about wearing the right outfit, hair and nails done, getting the makeup on point… but did you forget a little something? Two little somethings in fact.

I’m talking tootsies, those two trusty feet that get you from A to B, take you from party to party and keep you dancing on the tables. And for a girl like me who likes her high heels (I’m talking really high!), then taking care of my feet is extra important to make sure I’ll get through a night of festivities.

Scholl Velvet Smoth & Glam Pedi Set Superdrug Party Feet

Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi Video Shot

Scholl Gel Cushion, Heel Cushions Blister Plaster Party Feet

Preparation is key; I never underestimate the importance of getting my feet into good nick before I slip into my dancing shoes. Any extra hard, dry tough skin is not only going to look unsightly and spoil the effect of a pretty shoe, but it also makes the shoes even more uncomfortable than they already are. Regular readers will know I already swear by my Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi (especially if you saw this video and this video last year – and yes, that’s my foot in the sparkly pink shoes!), so I was super excited to see that Scholl have now brought it out in a gift set – the Scholl Velvet Smooth & Glam Pedi Set – it comes in a lovely gift box with a couple of party-appropriate Revlon Nail Colour shades to add the finishing touch to my super smooth feet. This battery-operated automatic foot file literally buffs away dry, hard, dead skin to reveal the softer smoother skin underneath in minutes, without any danger of over-scrubbing or damaging new skin.

After getting rid of the offending hard skin, I’ll use a foot scrub like the Bare Foot Foot Scrub in Peppermint & Plum to make sure it’s all super smooth (I’ll even give my hands a little scrub at the same time) to complete the exfoliation process; I love the peppermint in the formula to give my tired feet an extra little ‘lift’. And then it’s time to moisturise; so important to make sure the feet look young and healthy. I find it’s important to use a moisturising product that doesn’t leave my feet feeling slippery, especially if I’m going straight into a pair of heels, so something light like the Bare Foot Foot Balm with Lemon & Sage or even the Superdrug Soothing Foot Lotion is perfect for adding moisture without greasiness.

Time to add a little glamour with a bright nail colour – the brighter the better when it comes to party feet! The Scholl Velvet Smooth & Glam Pedi Set comes with Revlon’s One Perfect Coral (a long time favourite) and Fuchsia Fever, both perfect for the party season. A couple of coats and I’m good to go.

Of course, wearing such high heels has its drawbacks. If I’m going to dance till dawn, it makes sense to take precautions. Wearing those Invisible Gel Ball-of-Foot Cushions is non-negotiable; I wouldn’t dream of going out without them. If I’m wearing a closed-back shoe then, the Invisible Gel Heel Shields to stop blisters and rubbing at the back of the foot are indispensable too. And I’ll always make room in my clutch bag for a couple of Blister Plasters… just in case. They’re so slim and portable, why would you risk going out without them?

So there you have it. A foot-friendly arsenal to ensure that your feet are party ready and protected. Get your feet ready to dance their way through the party season. Whether it’s some gel cushions for your new strappy high heels or a lotion to massage dry skin, Superdrug have a range of products help pamper and comfort your feet. You can visit them in store or at superdrug.com today.



Scholl Smooth & Glam Pedi Set, now £29.99 (down from £49.99), buy here

barefoot Peppermint & Plum Foot Scrub, 99p, buy here

Bare Foot Lemon & Sage Foot Balm, £3.00, (was £4.25), buy here

Soothing Foot Lotion, £3.49, buy here

Invisible Gel Ball-of-Foot Cushions, £2.50 (was £3.49), buy here

Invisible Gel Heel Shields, £2.50 (was £3.49), buy here

Blister Plasters, £2.50 (was £3.99), buy here

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Superdrug via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Superdrug.


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