#AllIWantForChristmas is… Huda Beauty Lashes!

Huda Beauty Lashes

These days, if Instagram is anything to go by, your makeup is not complete without a set of lashes. Selfies proudly proclaim which lashes they’ve used as a badge of honour, and if you can stack a couple of pairs onto each other, well, even more kudos to you.

It’s no secret I’m beyond rubbish at applying strip lashes (I find positioning individual ones so much easier), but luckily I’ve been blessed with long lashes that don’t really need much help except for a coat or two of mascara.

However, even I’m bowing down to the pressure and trying my hand at lashes all over again, and the main reason I’ve been persuaded is the fabulous range of lashes from Huda Beauty. If you’ve not yet heard of the beauty phenomenon that is Huda, a Middle Eastern beauty blogger….gurrrrrl, where have you been hiding?

Huda Beauty Lashes Iconic

Huda is known for always wearing false lashes, so when she launched her own range, the beauty world went crazy – if you lived in the Middle East, that is. Getting hold of them in the States and UK, however, was a labour of love (one which I gave into and ordered via FedEx, but that’s a whole other story).

So it’s a big hurrah for us British and American girls as her lashes are now available easily over here – from Sephora if you’re in the States and from Cult Beauty if you’re in the UK. If you’re not a fan of lashes until now, wait until you’ve tried Huda’s – they’ll covert you in an instant. The instant transformation they give your eyes and your face will have you addicted from the get go – you can choose from the natural everyday glamour of Giselle for light volume and definition, to the full-on drama of Scarlett for extra length and va-va-voom volume.

I’ve bought at least one of each style, and quite a few of the Samantha lash, and I’m sure I’ll be back for more! Fully stocked up, I’ll be fluttering my way through the festive season this year!


Huda Beauty Lashes, from Sephora, here, and Cult Beauty, here





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