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Sleek Clip-In Hair Extensions 8

Long hair is my thing. Always has been, at least since I was a teenager. But if you saw my recent instagram (click here) you’ll know that I’ve had my long hair cut slightly shorter in a bid to grow it even longer – sounds perverse, but you’ve got to keep it trimmed to get it to grow. As I normally wear my hair in big bouncy curls to make it look more voluminous than it naturally is, this just means it looks even shorter. Of course, wearing it straight would make it look longer, but then I’d lose the volume, right?

So I’m sure excited to have found Sleek Hair Couture Clip-In Hair Extensions, to add volume and length. Made of real human hair, they look and feel just like my own hair. Actually they are made from 100% Remy and premium quality human hair – Remy just means that the cuticle has been kept intact so that the hair stays shiny, silky soft and tangle free. The extensions are also deeply conditioned with an organic hair oil that smoothes the cuticle edges, keeping the hair smoother too.

Sleek Clip-In Hair Extensions

Sleek Clip-In Hair Extensions 2

Sleek Clip-In Hair Extensions 3

Sleek Clip-In Hair Extensions 4

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I’ve never really worn a full head of clip-in extensions before, just a clip-in pony-tail for a fancy dress party. But these are the crème de la crème of hair extensions. The whole comprised six pieces made up of five differently widths of extensions and you can use all or just some, depending on the look you’re after. I’m wearing all six pieces in these photos, mostly because I found it so very easy to do; once I started, there was nothing stopping me.

The six pieces include:

  • 1 piece 10″ wide, (three clips)
  • 1 piece 9″ wide, (three clips)
  • 1 piece 7″ wide, (three clips)
  • 1 piece 4.5″ wide (two clips)
  • 2 pieces 4″ wide, (two clips)

For extension newbies like me, there’s a great guide on the back of the packaging that tells you where to place each piece with full instructions. My top tip would be to not use a mirror; I followed the instructions, but I parted my hair, place the extensions and snapped the clips shut by using instinct rather than using a mirror. Trying to do it in front of a mirror just made me feel like I was all thumbs and I couldn’t sort out my front from my back, my left from my right! Oh, and I made sure to straighten my hair with straighteners before attaching the extensions so that they would blend in more easily and used a pointed brush-end to help me section the hair before applying the hair pieces.

I think because Sleek used such fine quality hair, even when wearing all six pieces, it didn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable at all, and there was no headache from wearing all that extra hair. I could dance all night in these without a care in the world!

Sleek Hair Clip-In Extensions 6

Sleek Clip-In Hair Extensions 6

Sleek Clip-In Hair Extensions 7

Sleek Clip-In Hair Extensions 10

Sleek Clip-In Hair Extensions 9

Of course, these need washing just as you would wash your own hair, using a good quality shampoo and conditioner – just treat as delicately as you would your own hair and they’ll last you really well. And because they are such good quality human hair, they can be styled just as you would your own hair – you can use leave-in conditioner to keep them in good condition, and you can heat style them, as long as you don’t use a ridiculously high temperature and don’t take the heat too close to the wefts at the top. Essentially, treat and style as you would your own hair. I’ve been using these to get extra volume so that I can wear my hair straight with confidence, but I think I’ll be tonging them to get some loose curls going too.

Sleek Clip-in Hair Extensions 11

I’m definitely converted to extensions! I’d love to say I’ll only use them for parties, but when they’re this easy to use, I can see myself using a couple of pieces on a very regular basis. Waitrose shopping with show-stopping hair? Why not?


Sleek Hair Couture Clip-In Hair Extensions, here


*This post was sponsored by Sleek Hair Extensions but all opinions are my own



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    I never tried hair extensions before ,but they suited you

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