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You guys know I’m a great fan of the Beauty at Tesco range and have worked closely with them earlier this year on the Beauty Sessions hangouts as one of their online beauty experts. What you may not know is the sheer depth and breadth of the beauty ranges that Tesco offer; not only do they sell your well known high street brands such as Rimmel, Max Factor and Revlon, but they also offer specialist, and often hard to find, beauty brands that you’ll be so glad to discover.

If you’re a shopper at Tesco, you’ll probably be familiar with the World Foods section to source authentic food products from various cuisines from around the world (trust me, I buy most of of Indian cookery ingredients from their World Foods aisles!). As a bit of a beauty addict, I love finding new and different brands and products to try out – the harder to get hold of, the better! So I’m loving what Tesco are doing with their World Beauty section, bringing us a fabulous selection of global beauty brands.

Some of the brands names may not be instantly recognisable, but the beauty experts at Tesco have cherry picked the very best in haircare and skincare for those looking for something with a little “extra”. Most of the brands are already well known amongst women of Indian and African origin who’ve long been searching out these products from specialist shops, but theres no reason why everyone can’t benefit from these targeted ranges. The trouble is, it’s not always easy to get hold of them, so hooray for Tesco bringing them within easy reach for us all. I was sent a few products from the vast range for review, so here are my thoughts.

Beauty at Tesco Pak's Argan Oil Vatika Coconut Oil

Beauty at Tesco Pak's Coconut Oil Vatika Argan Oil

I’ve long been a fan of the Vatika range – I’ve been using their hair oils since I was a little girl – and most recently I was wowed by their overnight hair mask (you can read more about that here and see a little video I made about how I use it here), but what I didn’t know is that they also have a range of shampoos too. I tried out Argan Oil Shampoo from the Vatika Naturals range, and as I’m already a big fan of oils in general and Argan oil in particular, this was always going to be a favourite. It left my hair super shiny, moisturised and silky soft, even before I went in with my regular conditioner. I love the fresh clean smell too, which is always a bonus. I tend to alternate between shampoos that contain SLS and those don’t, and as this one does, I’ll be swapping it in with my Louise Galvin Shampoo for Thick and Curly Hair.

But oh! That Argan Oil! I think I’m addicted to it! Or at least, my hair is! We’ve been through countless bottles of the brand we’ve all heard of (between me and my two daughters who both have beyond waist-length hair), so you can imagine how excited we were to try out the Argan Oil Hair Treatment from Pak’s. Used as a blow dry serum, it leaves the hair feeling super silky, smooth and manages to banish frizzes, leaving a delicate sheen to the hair, but never greasy. It’s super lightweight, even on my easily-weighed-down hair. It’s not too heavily scented either, so it won’t battle for supremacy over any fragrance I wear.

Of course, as my family hails from India, we’ve been brought up with coconut oil as a staple for all things, be it beauty, haircare, skincare and even cooking. Pak’s Coconut Oil Cream is a great option for moisturising the skin and hair. We use it as a deep conditioning treatment prior to washing; half an hour to an hour will do, but for authenticity’s sake, I’ll put it in overnight (making sure to place an old towel over my pillow) and wash out the next morning – the best deep conditioning treatment hair mask you’ll find! Some coconut oils can smell a little too much of coconut oil for my liking, but as this one doesn’t, I’ve even managed to get some on my son’s very dry skin with no complaints. I could go on and on about the myriad of uses for coconut oil (holler if you fancy a separate post on this), but my favourite use is to remove heavy eye makeup. Before I’ll even go near my face with any other cleanser, a really smokey eye comes off in seconds with coconut oil, with not a stinging, sore eye in sight. For coarser, thicker curlier hair than mine, the Mazuri Shea Butter Natural Oil Moisturiser works a dream on injecting back much-needed moisture, softness and shine into the hair – it can be used both as a blow-dry lotion and as a daily treat on dry hair too, much like I use the Argan Oil.

Beauty at Tesco now stock a wide range of beauty products, both online and in store, including brands such as Dabur, Pak’s, Vatika and Tamese & Jackson (a great halal, vegan skincare range I’m definitely going to be trying out).

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