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Olaplex Hair Treatment Colour Nation

There’s been a flurry of activity on my instagram page (click here to check it out) since I posted about having had the Olaplex treatment. What is it, what does it do, how is different to a Keratin treatment and ultimately, is it worth the hype that’s been surrounding it since it launched a few months ago?

So here’s a little post all about my experience of the treatment and its effects on my hair. Now, as you all know, I’m always on a mission to achieve strong, healthy, frizz-free glossy hair. Just last month I had the KeraStraight treatment which left me with minimal frizz (you can see all about my treatment in this short little video here).

Colour Nation Olaplex Hair Treatment

But I was intrigued to try Olaplex, a treatment that promised to mend the hair from the inside out. Regular repairing treatments and masks work on the outside surface of the hair, but Olaplex goes deep down, right into the hair shaft, to repair the disulphide bonds within the hair shaft which are broken down during treatments such as colouring and heating the hair.

It’s a simple enough 3-step process: firstly, a clear-ish liquid called the Bond Multiplier is applied directly to dry hair, and then after five minutes, a second liquid, the Bond Perfector, is applied one the top. At each stage, the hair is completely saturated, from root to tip. It’s then washed, conditioned and styled as normal. (The third step is a little bottle of the Bond Perfector that you take home with you to use as a weekly pre-shampoo treatment to maintain the bonding process in-between salon treatments –  but I didn’t get this step)

I had my  Olaplex as a stand-alone treatment by the very lovely Salma (who has beautiful hair herself) at the ColourNation salon in London’s West End, but the easiest and most popular way to have it is as part of your regular appointment. So if you’re having your hair colour done, step 1 would be applied along with your colour and washed out at the same time after which step 2 would be applied.

My verdict? At the time, it doesn’t feel any different from a regular blow dry (although when I felt my hair after washing but before conditioning, it already felt super moisturised and not ‘dry’ like it normally does after just the shampoo). The difference is really felt after a week or so, when I’m washing and drying my hair myself at home. There are less tangles, it’s less flyaway and yes, it does somehow feel stronger. I also love that the treatment hasn’t weighed my hair down; some masks, while doing a great job of re-moisturising, make my hair feel a bit heavy and lank, but with Olaplex, there was life, shine and bounce – almost like virgin hair, or as close as I’m going to get to it after so many years of colouring. And did I mention that it makes the hair colour much more vibrant and ‘alive’.

Would I do it again? Yes definitely. But do shop around. There’s no RRP for this, so salons can charge whatever they like – expect to pay between £20-£50, depending on where you go.

Have you tried Olaplex? Let us all know in the comments below ↓

At ColourNation, it’s only £25 to add Olaplex into your colour appointment – to book in, call ColourNation on 020 7580 3669 or go to their website – click here. For more information about Olaplex and to find your nearest salon click here.



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