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Airbase Airbrush

If there’s one comment I always get on my Instagram posts and YouTube videos, its all about that base (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). Questions abound about which foundation I’m wearing, what I use to apply, how I blend and so on….effectively, how to get a flawless base.

If I’m honest, I’m always trying new foundations, and I’ve alternated between using fingers, brushes or beauty blenders, depending on how much time I have and the effect I want. But what’s always fascinated me is the idea of airbrushing; after all, let’s face it, it’s the effect I’m forever trying to achieve, albeit with the use of the many brushes and makeup sponges. I tried Dior’s DiorSkin Airflash Spray Foundation, and while I loved the formula, I just couldn’t get the control I needed to spray my face and not the furniture and walls around me.

Airbase Airbrush 3

Airbase Airbrush 2

Which is why this Airbase High-Definition Airbrush Makeup System has me so excited. I was lucky enough to go along to a little event at the home of the co-founder Judy Naaké (founder of St Tropez Tanning) and learn all about it and even have a go at using it. Although Airbase has been available to makeup professionals for a few years now, this much more affordable and easy to use at-home kit is now available to us lesser mortals who just want perfect looking skin.

It’s so simple to use, even I can do it – really! It’s as easy as plugging it in, placing a couple of drops of the liquid foundation into the ‘well’ that’s incorporated into the airbrush wand, pulling back just one button and voila! You have a super fine spray, so fine that the atomised particles are invisible to the naked eye, and that’s what makes this makeup so skin-perfecting. By keeping the airbrush wand moving all the time in a small circular motion it’s easy to cover the whole face without any streaky lines, and for extra coverage, it’s just a matter of going over the area again with a second layer.

Just as you should with your makeup brushes and sponges, you do need to keep this clean, but the Thinner & Cleaner Fluid included in the self contained package make cleaning a breeze.

And can we just talk about the compact vanity unit that the whole system is housed in? Quite apart from the fabulous lit–up mirror in the lid that I’m slightly obsessed with, everything you need to create a flawless face is included and stored inside. From the Perfecting Primer (and we all know you need primer to ensure a long-lasting base), to the airbrush wand to the self-retracting power cable, it’s all in there, along with three shades of foundation to enable a perfect mix to match your skin tone. Other shades are available to buy separately, along with a Bronzer and two shades of Blusher that I’m currently in love with and definitely going to get my hands on very soon. There’s even a little 6-shade eyeshadow palette; I’ll admit, the brightness of colours scared a neutral-ninny like me, but on application, they’re actually not as scary as they look, and will definitely be getting some love from me in the upcoming party season.

Airbase does some great other makeup items too, including an excellent concealer palette and some finishing powders that are so finely milled they feel like silk to the touch; I have the High Definition Micro Finish Powder in HD Glow; great for completing that lit-from-within strobing look. 

I’ll be posting a video of a how-to-use very soon, so make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel here so you don’t miss it.

As a lover of the no-makeup makeup look, this is just the perfect step in my makeup routine and it’s easy enough to do every day, not just to be reserved for special occasions. And with all the HD photos that are bound to be taken over the coming festive season (and how many of you will be getting hold of a 4K camera? Now that IS scary!), it’s comforting to think my makeup will look at its best. 

It’s the perfect present for any makeup lover, so it’s time to start dropping those hints… or just treat yourself!


Airbase High Definition Airbrush Makeup System, for more information and to buy:


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