Weight Loss Update & What I’m Using… #FitBod (Part Two)

AbWatch USN Protein Mousse, Slendertone, Jawbone Beefit,Soft & Gentle

So yesterday I wrote about my plan to be in shape by my birthday (admittedly three months away but this body needs some serious work!) and some of the products and gadgets I’m using to help me along my way.

Of course, my first and most important resource is my husband, who I wrote about yesterday (catch up here if you missed yesterday’s post). Without him, I’m not sure I’d survive this journey. I also wrote yesterday about Slendertone Connect Abs and USN Protein Mousse which are helping me along my way. Today I’m going to tell you about a couple of other things I’m turning to to make it all that little bit easier.

Abwatch Jawbone UP3

Abwatch BEEFit beek jerky high protein

Abwatch Soft & Gentle

First  off, it’s not just about kicking it in the gym for an hour or an hour and a half and then slobbing about all day. For me, it’s about staying active in your daily life. So I’m making the most of my new Jawbone UP3 to monitor not just my daily step average but also my sleep patterns (just as important) and my heart rate. And guess what? I’ve found that more sleep equals a better workout (and concentration in general) the next day. Not really rocket science is it? But seeing the numbers makes it all more real. I’m combining this with logging my food intake (when I remember) on My Fitness Pal, a really cool (and free) app that makes food planning super easy.

For a little high-protein savoury snack, we’ve tried just about every brand of beef jerky we could find, but they were all a bit too “plasticky”, so we’re really pleased to find the new BEEFit Biltong Jerky which somehow manages to not only taste so good but actually feels like real meat too. The best bit is that each little portable pack of 35g of beef jerky contains over 20g of protein for only around 0.3g of carbs, with no sugar added. It tastes so good, my husband’s pilfered my last pack! And he’s a fussy sort when it comes to this stuff, so now I’ve got to buy some more. It’s £6 for 3 bags, but I have a feeling I’ll be opting for the 21 packs for £34 option!

And you might spot a little antiperspirant action going on in there too – well, a girl’s gotta smell good when she’s working out, hasn’t she? I’m loving the Soft & Gentle Skin Science Ultra Protect for it’s compressed mini size (this 75ml lasts just as long as it’s full size 150ml big sister) and it’s super kind on the skin. It’s a really delicate scent too, so it doesn’t overpower any fragrance I might use, but it’s anti-irritant so won’t annoy me while I’m working out. 

As I said yesterday…

#AbWatch is on! make sure to follow me on Twitter (@AmbarinaHasan) and snapchat (Ambarina.Hasan) for regular updates, and I’ll make sure to post on here again with an update in due course.

I’d love to know if any of you are on a #FitBod mission to get fit and lean (especially in the run-up to the party season) – leave me your tips and tricks down below if you are.


Jawbone UP3, buy here

My  Fitness Pal, download here

BEEFit Biltong, buy here

Soft & Gentle Skin Science Ultra Protect, buy here



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