My Nails But (Infinitely) Better

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As you’ll have read in a recent post (if not, you can catch up here), a certain hair supplement I’ve been taking has been having a rather welcome side effect on my nails too. Stronger, less prone to flaking and less ridges are some of the reasons why I’m currently loving my nails, so I’ve been wearing nuder shades to show off my natural nails before I head into the darker plummier, berry shades of Autumn.

My current faves are the Nails Inc NailKale NailBright polishes (wow, that’s a mouthful!).  Not only are they a cinch to apply (the wide brush means that I can literally do each nail with just one, maximum two strokes) but they are the perfect “my nails but better” shades, giving them an uber-glossy, healthy, semi-french manicured look. And the best bit of all is that the NailKale NailBright formulation is feeding the nails the whole time. The Kale antioxidant nourishes, protects and strengthens the nails, while the perfect colour makes them look so pretty at the same time. There’s also a Regenerating Complex that’s exclusive to Nails Inc that contains a blend of Zinc and Calcium which boosts the production of keratin for keep the nails harder, stronger and healthier, while the addition of Bee Pollen is also an added welcome to the health of my nails. There’s a lovely pearly finish to the natural tints that’s not obvious but adds a beautiful radiance which I’m also loving. So I’m feeding my nails from the inside and out, all the while keeping them looking pretty with the high gloss NailKale shades. I couldn’t be happier! I’m wearing the shade Chelsea Embankment Mews, a very delicate light pink; the other shade is the Knightsbridge Mews, which has a more peachy tone to it.

I’ve been using the So Gel top coat from Lottie London for a serisouly high gloss shine over my nail polishes recently and it’s one I’ve been loving for that gel;-look finish without the hassle of gel nails.

I also wanted to tell you about these fabulous new nail files from Stylfile that I’ve been using and can’t get enough of! From former Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, this is such an innovative and much more intuitive way to file nails and keep them in shape! My favourite from the range is the Stylfile Infuse, with not only a curved double-sided nail file, but also a unique almond oil infused little sponge tip to moisturise the cuticle. I keep this in the drawer in the my coffee table, so every evening I make sure to hydrate my cuticles whist catching up on favourite programmes without making an oily mess on my white leather sofas! 

Nails Inc NailKale Nail Bright, £14, buy here

Lottie London, So Gel Top Coat, buy here

Stylfile, from £2.99, buy here



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