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I know what you’re thinking as you read that title: Laser + Hair Removal + Asian Skin EQUALS A BIG NO NO! I’ll admit, I used to think that too. But not anymore. And here’s why.

Let’s go back. Way back. Like most Asian girls, I was quite hairy. I’m talking dark hair on the legs and arms that I was definitely self-conscious of pre-teens. I guess I was lucky I didn’t have too much in the way of excess facial hair like some of my brown-skinned friends, but that’s a very common problem too.

Hair removal for me started young, at home, as my mother got busy making her own sugaring concoction (something she learned from her Persian college friend), so as soon as underarm hair became a “thing” for me, she got to work. Consequence: by the age of 18, I really had hardly any pit hair left at all. Sadly , we didn’t tackle the other areas with quite the same diligence.

Fast forward a good few years, and I’ve since tried just about every home hair removal method you can think of. A few years ago, I decided to get this sorted once and for all, and go down the IPL / Laser route. Stories of darker skinned being burnt, and worse, scarred abounded, and that’s IF you managed to find anyone with a Laser machine that could treat darker skin. So I stayed away from Laser, dabbled in IPL (with varying success) and stuck to waxing, epiliating, tweezing….


As part of my work with sk:n clinics, I’ve been lucky enough to try out their Laser Hair Removal and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed with permanent hair removal at a clinic (and in my time as Beauty Editor at Asian Woman magazine, you can bet I’d tried quite a few).

I’m currently part way through my treatment course, so I can’t tell you about final results just yet, but I thought an quick update on how’s it’s been so far would be good, especially if you’re considering Laser Hair Removal.

From the point of consultation, I’ve felt super-safe with sk:n clinics. My practitioner, Harriet, could not have been more thorough and reassuring, from how laser works, why the laser machines used at sk:n in particular are safe and effective for darker skins, how many treatments are needed and answering any questions I had. A quick assessment of the skin area to be tested, along with a test patch, (which was so painless I didn’t even realise it had been done!) all the information I needed about pre and after care of the skin and all the pricing information; everything was covered in full detail. As I left my consultation, I felt confident in starting my course of treatments.

Safety is paramount at sk:n clinics, so my second treatment had to be delayed as I’m went away on holiday, and they won’t carry out any laser hair removal less than prior to two weeks before you hit the sun. So as I type, I’m due to go back and have a second patch test to check my skin is back to normal to carry on with the treatment. Although I was disappointed not to have already completed my second treatment, I’d much rather they take all the safety precautions needed to ensure my skin safety.

Efficacy is also key at sk:n – if it doesn’t work, they won’t use it. So I’m pleased to say that after just one treatment (so far), I can see at least a 50% reduction in hair growth, and there’s been no adverse side effects to my skin (you’re asked to keep an eye out for any changes to your skin after the treatment).

If you’ve seen my vlog videos (click here to catch up) you’ll have seen my visits to the sk:n clinic, not just for the consultation, but also for the first treatment. I think I literally skipped out; the pain level was almost non-existent and I couldn’t actually believe my treatment time was up.

You can read more about why I rate sk:n clinics, their services and their ethos here and stay tuned for Part Two of this feature to find out my results.

For more information about Laser Hair Removal in general, and for Asian skin in particular, check out the sk:n website here or you can call 08008223305 to speak to a friendly voice about any questions and concerns you might have.


*this is a sponsored post on behalf of sk:n clinics



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  1. August 6, 2015 / 9:03 pm

    I’ve been using the laser route for my face the past 2 years and have started to use it on my underarms. I agree with you, the results are incredible.
    I have to slightly disagree with you when you made the point of it being difficult for darker skinned people to find clinics having the right laser machine. I am with the private laser clinic at the Royal Free Hospital and they are very well known for catering for many skin tones, including Asian skin.

    You mention permanent hair removal and laser treatment. Again, I have to disagree with you on that point for Indian and Asian skin. Laser hair removal isn’t fully permanent for us but it does result in a significant reduction in hair growth for Asians; I started off going to my clinic once a month for my face two years ago and now go to my clinic once every 4 months. I’m only on my second underarm session but they were completely hair free for 2 months.

    Anyway, on the point of laser hair removal in general, highly recommend it as well!!

    Mara xxx

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