Goldsign Jeans…& Weight Loss Update #FitBod

Goldsign Marcie Mid-Rise Jeans

Fed up of having a wardrobe full of clothes that I can’t quite fit into (more on that later), I decided a new pair of jeans that actually fit me now (as opposed to when I lose some weight!) was on the cards. So it was that this pair of Goldsign Marcie jeans happened to come home with me last week.

I’ve never worn a pair of Goldsign before, but I think I may be a convert. These are probably the most comfortable, flattering and well-fitting jeans I’ve ever purchased. There’s no gaping around the waistline (a fate I always suffer, from having such a tiny waist-to-hip ratio), they don’t pinch me anywhere, and the length is perfect; the zip falls exactly on the ankle.

Until I lose the weight and get back into all my old jeans, these are going to keep me going just fine.

And on that. Back here I wrote about my need to lose a few kilos that seem to have crept up on me from nowhere. And I’m now in the zone. I’ve stuck to my “no carbs after breakfast” rule 99% of the time and I’ve started running in the morning with my neighbour before the day gets going. It means setting the alarm a whole hour earlier than I would usually, but if I don’t do it, it ain’t happening at all. I don’t know about you guys, but with three kids and working during the day, it just gets too busy to fit in a workout half way through the day and by the evening I’m too shattered to even consider heading out the gym (that was something I did in my single days!). So unless it happens before I wake the children up, I know I won’t get round to it. I guess it’s just a case of extending the day; literally finding more hours in my day.

The early morning runs are also making me try to get to bed slightly earlier than I normally do, so that’s an added healthy bonus. And knowing that I’ve got to get up damn early means I’m less likely to have a drink in the evening. Super healthy all round!

And that’s the key…I’m keeping it healthy. No crash diets here. As a mother of two little girls, I’m mindful of the fact that I don’t want them to develop unhealthy attitudes to food, shape and size. So I’m careful of what I say and do around them, making sure that I make healthy choices and that they do too. It’s all about being the healthiest, best version of myself (not trying to look like some unattainable model image in a magazine) and that’s what I’m trying to teach them too. So now they want to come running with me, get more active, eat less junk and get fit.

Even if I don’t get to my target weight, if I’ve achieved that for my girls, I’ll be a happy bunny!

I’d love to hear your tips to project a healthy lifestyle in the comments below.


Goldsign Marcie Jeans, £270, buy here

PS: what I actually went out shopping for was a pair of ripped-at-the-knee white jeans – any recommendations?

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