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The way I see it is this. I was given a set of teeth (my baby/milk teeth) to practice learning how to brush and all that malarkey. Then in came the adult teeth, and that’s it for the rest of my life. If I don’t look after these, it’s my fault – I’ve noone else to blame.

I’ve been on a quest to make the most of what I have been given – my mother has great teeth, her smile still gets compliments and as I’m a carbon copy of her, I’ve inherited her smile and teeth too. Not that I ever get as many compliments as her (read:none!)

iWhite Teeth Whitening Kit Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening Kit System

So this is what I’ve been doing:

Regular checkups: Not only did I get myself down to the dentist for a check up after many years, (way longer than I care to mention here!), I also booked myself in for a separate hygienist appointment. Now, that may not sound too exciting to you, but it was the first time ever for me (my dentist has always cleaned my teeth for me), and it was a revelation! I’m hooked, and I’ve already booked myself in for another hygienist appointment in 6 months time.

Learning the RIGHT way to brush: Did you know that brushing up and down is NOT the right way to brush your teeth? Who knew? The hygienist literally had to re-teach me the best way to brush, whether it’s with a manual brush or an electric one (read more about which brush I use by clicking here).

Teeth Whitening: A few of you have been commenting on my teeth in recent selfies on my Instagram account (click here to see and follow!) Yes I want my teeth to look as sparkly white and clean as possible – it’s a proven fact that yellow, stained teeth can age you by years. So I’ve been trying out a few different things to get that lovely white smile.

Obviously, the entry point is whitening toothpaste, but I got all hi-tech on it and got myself the BlanX White Shock Toothpaste with LED Light. This all-singing, all-dancing toothpaste comes with an LED light in the lid which works on the Actilux formulation within the toothpaste, both when squeezing it out of the tube and after brushing, shining the light on the teeth for a 1 minute a day before rinsing. Super easy to do, and actually, surprisingly effective! Mr H, notoriously difficult to please, has loved the effect and asked me to buy it again!

Then I moved onto home whitening kits. The first one I tried, the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit, is really easy to use. Seriously, it doesn’t get much easier than this. 10 pre-filled, ready-to-use trays, packed in pairs. No peroxide or bleach, it felt pretty safe as an entry point. I literally just opened up the pack, placed the trays on my upper and lower teeth, hung around for twenty minutes (got back into bedtime reading!) and rinsed! Voila! It must have worked, as many friends asked me what I’d done to my teeth, so there was obviously a visible improvement!

Slightly more hi-tech was the Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System. Using the light-activated whitening technology you see in the dentists’ chair, this does away with the trays. Instead, I just brush the teeth with the Whitening Solution, brush again with the Activator Whitening Gel and then hold the white light to the teeth for 2 minutes. Again, so super easy! 10 to 20 treatments are recommended for the best results, but I can see a visible difference after just 5. I love that this is totally customisable to your time schedule and your teeth; so if you have sensitive gums, (or a very busy schedule), you can do 2-3 treatments a day for 7 days. But if you need quicker results, 4 treatments a day for 5 days, or for super fast whiteness, 10 treatments a day for 2 days (over the weekend, for example) is also viable.

Obviously with all the treatments, it makes sense to check all ingredients to make sure there are no allergies or sensitivities, and I’d always recommend making sure your dental health is all that it should be before you embark on any home treatments. If in any doubt, always check with your dentist before starting any treatments. 

So now, there’ll be less pouting, more smiling, in future selfies! You have been warned!


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