OPI Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer

OPI Infinite Shine Nail Varnish Gels OPI Infinite Shine Nail Gels Varnish

I have to admit, I do love the look of Shellac or Gellish – the ultimate chip-free glossy shine that lasts for a couple of weeks is so tempting – but I really can’t commit to a single colour for that long. Add to that I don’t want to weaken my nails with the buffing (I know they say it doesn’t harm or weaken the nail bed, but that’s not how it worked in my experience), so the semi-permanent mani is off the cards for me.

Super glossy lacquers are the way forward for my nails, and I’m loving the new Infinite Shine from OPI. They promise 10 days of shine, as glossy on Day Ten as on Day One, just as you would expect from a UV-cured manicure.

But here’s the deal.

There’s no UV light needed, it’s just three steps, like a regular mani (base coat, colour, top coat), there’s the same fabulous brush as your everyday OPI, it’s easy to remove with your regular remover and there’s a whopping 30 shades to choose from.

OPI Infinite Shine From Here to Eternity Nail Gels Varnish

And check out the shine! Nails feels stronger, almost as if they’re wearing an armour, and the gloss just doesn’t give up. You still need two coats of colour, but the colour is intense.

I’m wearing From Here to Eternity, a beautiful bubblegum pink, and I can’t wait to get It Never Ends, a creamy café au lait that’s the perfect neutral shade.

Are you a Shellac / Gellish girl or do you prefer to wear regular nail lacquer?


Infinite Shine Primer Base Coat, £13.95, buy here

Infinite Shine Primer Gloss Top Coat, £13.95, buy here

Infinite Shine Lacquer (30 shades), £13.95, buy here

Infinite Shine Primer Base Coat & Top Coat Duo, £19.95, buy here


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