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If there’s one aspect of skincare I get asked about more than any other, it’s acne. Adult acne to be specific.

Now lets get real. Acne at any age is stressful, traumatising and confidence-draining, with a real impact on every aspect of your life. But just when you thought your bad-skin days were behind you (and you’re dealing with other skincare issues, such as the first signs of ageing), bam! Along comes a second bout of acne; all of a sudden, your grown up face is facing very teenage problems all over again! Hardly seems fair, but hormonal changes can, and do, affect our skin at any age: the rise of adult acne is shocking – latest stats show that while 80% of 11 to 30 years olds offer from it at some point, (it’s the most common skin complaint), at least 20% of adults suffer from acne, (but only 11% will actually seek help). And don’t go thinking that if you didn’t suffer acne in your teenage years, you’ll be immune from it in later life – I’m a prime example! Not one spot through puberty, but I definitely suffered from adult acne a couple of years ago. These videos from sk:n really sum up what suffering adult acne is all about:

As part of my partnership with sk:n clinics as brand ambassador, (click here to read more about that), I’ve been intrigued to find out how they treat acne, be it teenage or adult. With their unique approach, they have a full 360º approach to acne, tackling it from all angles. Having a partnership with the NHS for over 24 years means that they have access to the best doctors and medical expertise – four of the UK’s top dermatologists work for sk:n – and they are the only chain of skin clinics with an expert Medical Standards Team (so every clinic has a Medical Director to ensure treatments adhere to strict medical standards).

sk:n offers the latest, most effective treatments and with over 35 clinics open 7 days a week across the country, they’re super-accesible too. To really hit acne out of the park, sk:n will tailor a fully comprehensive attack on acne, including treatments such Salicylic Peels, Isolaz, or the proven and effective Blu-Light treatment. Because of the medical backup, sk:n can also offer prescription medication along with clinically proven products where needed. Without wanting to diminish the seriousness of it, it’s like a one-stop-shop for acne sufferers, where each solution is individually tailored to your needs after a full consultation, and all with the peace of mind of full medical support behind each and every treatment should you need it.

Dr Daron Seukeran, one of sk:n’s dermatologists, says: “Acne sufferers are sensitive to certain hormones that cause increased oil production and a higher turnover of skin cells, leading to changes in bacteria and ultimately, to outbreaks. While there is no cure for acne, treatments are available to help reduce outbreaks and their severity. Each person’s acne is different and consequently there is no set formula to help alleviate the problem, it’s essential that people receive professional advice and solutions individually tailored to their skin.

“Adult acne is an extremely common health condition in the UK and something that can have a massive impact on a person’s confidence. Unfortunately, because it isn’t a condition that is widely discussed, people rarely know who to contact for help. GPs are limited in what they can prescribe or advise, whilst products readily available in chemists are unlikely to make a significant impact on severe skin problems.”

Lifestyle choices can impact acne too, such as diet, daily skincare and general levels activity, so sk:n will advise on all these too. And if acne has left you with scarring, sk:n also have a range of treatments that will work to diminish its appearance, working towards a smoother, blemish-free complexion.

If you’re suffering from acne, whatever your age, check out sk:n for what they can do for you. There’s loads of information on their website (click through to Treatments / Acne) so you can make an informed choice before you even walk into the clinic for a consultation.

And if you have any questions, you can always call them (free) on 0800 822 3305 for more advice.


*this is a sponsored post  on behalf of sk:n clinics




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  1. Samantha
    May 30, 2015 / 12:36 pm

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    These pads also help reduce skin hyperpigmentation (acne scars).
    Try it and see the difference.

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