Straight Hair without the Straighteners

Straight Hair Hair Shot Straight'n'Go Hair Straightener

Straight hair is not something you’d usually associate with me, I’ll grant you that. My average blow dry of choice, any day of the week, is wavy, voluminous and with the odd big bouncy curl making an appearance from mid-lengths to ends.

I’m not averse to straight hair, but every time I’ve gone that route, I’m restyling my hair within a day. Not used to the look, I feel I can’t pull off the flat iron effect, I miss the volume and height around the crown area and essentially, I feel it drains my face of life. Quite apart from the fact that I try to minimise the number of heated appliances I apply to my hair…

Straing'n'go Hair Straightener Straight'n'Go Hair Straightener Closeup Straight Hair Face Shot

So the idea of a brush that holds my hair straight while I use a blow dryer appealed. The Straight’n’Go is the kind of thing that you might think is surplus to requirements, but hear me out. My paddle brush doesn’t evenly straighten my naturally wavy, almost curly, hair. The GHD’s straighten beautifully, but can all too easily flatten my hair to an extreme that I don’t always like.

The Straight’n’Go softly and gently pulls my hair straight while I blow dry, and holds it straight while I let it cool to keep it that way. Admittedly, a little more use of product in the hair would have helped tame the frizz, but this is about as straight as I’d like my hair to be.

At only £9.99, this is neither hi-tech nor will it break the bank, but if, like me, you don’t really hanker after that poker-straight look, this might be just the thing.


Straight’n’Go, £9.99, buy it here


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