My MAC Palette

MAC Palette pan and depotting

I’ve been eyeing up and lusting after customising a MAC eyeshadow palette for some time now, so while I was away in Canada (way back in October last year), I picked up a couple of palettes and some eyeshadows that I’d had on my to-buy list. Don’t ask me why, but it’s taken me until now to get my act together and sort out my palette but here it is…well on its way to full MAC palette glory.

MAC Palette Eyeshadows

MAC Palette pan & depottingBut let me backtrack for any of you not already familiar with the MAC palettes. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always bought my MAC eyeshadows as singles in little pots and to be honest, that’s always suited me fine. But after more than a few purchases, they tend to clutter up the vanity and constantly opening and closing each pot can get a little tiresome (yes, I know, first world problems!). I decided to the take plunge and buy the palette (magnetic tray inside), the insert that holds 15 eyeshadows in rows and columns and a few necessary eyeshadows in the pan, not the pot. (They’re cheaper this way too!)

So far, from top to bottom, I have:

far right column: Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, Mythology

middle column: Amber Lights, Sushi Flower, Swiss Chocolate

left column: Antiqued, Coppering

Obviously, you can see I have a fair few more, some of which are my absolute faves, including All That Glitters, Naked Lunch and some limited edition shades, that are sitting in their pots and desperately need depotting. The thought of doing so scares me silly. I know I’m bound to break and shatter all my well-loved eyeshadows, so if you know of any really good tutorials on how to depot, please leave me links below.

And also, which other must-have shades would you recommend I need to have?


MAC Palette, £14, buy it here

MAC Eyeshadow Insert, £2.50, buy it here

MAC Eyeshadow Singles in Pan, £10, buy here



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