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It’s been a while since Clinique last appeared here on the blog and as I’m sitting here typing away, I’m wondering why? It’s not for lack of use – some of my favourite, always-on-repurchase items come from Clinique.

So I’m super-excited to be featuring the newest collab from Latest in Beauty – with none other than the quite frankly brilliant British Beauty Blogger and Clinique. An edit of her favourite pieces from Clinique (I don’t envy her that task on whittling it down to just seven!), the box comprises five generous travel sizes and two full size products too.

For me, there are some old time faves along with some new-to-me products, so here’s a little look-see at what in store for you if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the box (details of how to order below – it’s bound to sell out really fast!)

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Both the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ have been long time favourites – in fact, the Moisturising Lotion was the first I ever used when I initially bought my first ever skincare routine. The recently updated new formula keeps my skin hydrated for longer and is perfect for hot holidays when my skin feels drier and more parched. And on that subject, the Moisture Surge range is perfect for thirsty skin, whether it be on a long haul flight (yes, I’m that person that uses a face mask on a flight!) or for an overnight moisturise injection when you’ve been partying too much and your skin is showing it. As these are both in a travel size (that will last a good week or two), they’re perfect for packing.

As part of my three-step skincare routine that I first bought when I was sixteen, I was addicted to the Cleansing Bar, but I hadn’t ever tried the Liquid Facial Soap Mild version of that, so the travel size included in the box is a great way to trial it.

The four other products are all long-time favourites of mine that I already know and love. Cliniqiqy Happy is the perfect spring-time fragrance, zingy, citrusy and floral, it’s a serious mood lifter. The cute little bottle is perfect not only for travel but also for tiny little evening clutch bags situations. Clinique mascaras always do what they say on the tin, giving me long, glossy, plump and most importantly, blackest of black, lashes (regular readers will be familiar with my love for the High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara) so I’m chuffed to see the High Impact Mascara (full size) make an appearance in the box. 

I defy just about anyone to not have at least one of the Clinique Chubby Sticks already in their makeup bags for their shot of shine, colour and general wearability. Just like Jane of BBB, ever since they launched the Chubby Sticks, I’ve had at least one, if not more, lurking in my bag. I thought I had one of every colour, but it seems my life was not yet complete – now, I have Plumped Up Pink courtesy of the BBB edited box. 

And finally, what goes on must come off. A mini-version of the Take the Day Off Make Up Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips is very welcome – I’ve been decanting mine into little bottles for as long as I can remember. It’s perfect for removing the masses of mascara I’ve been using – my tip is to hold the dampened cotton pad over your closed eyes for 15-30 seconds before wiping away in one sweep; no rubbing that delicate area and the mascara literally comes off like magic. Again, perfect for packing, there’s no excuse not to take your makeup off when you’re traveling. 

I do love a good beauty box – it’s a great way to trial new products that you might not want to splash out on at full size and price, and a great way to get travel-friendly sizes of old favourites. Jane really knows her stuff and this edit of the must-haves is spot on. 

As I said before, it’s bound to sell out really fast – all of the British Beauty Blogger boxes have gone in a flash, so here’s here’s the link if you fancy getting yours. Only a thousand are available, and although that may sound like a lot, it really isn’t. At a value of over £55, (plus a surprise voucher of £10 if you go ahead and spend £40 onethe full sizes and a complimentary treat at a Clinique counter), the box is perfect for Clinique aficionados and newbies alike!

What are your Clinique faves?


British Beauty Blogger Clinique Edit Box, £18.50 (incl postage), available here


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