Currently Obsessed #21 : SmoothSkin Gold | Diary of a De-Fuzz & GIVEAWAY

SmoothSkin Gold Pack IPL Hair Removal

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It might still be cold out and yes, you’ve got your heating on indoors, but don’t be fooled; the summer is coming around faster than you think and with it comes the promise of warmer weather, beach holidays and summer clothes. 

Way back at the end of November (here) I wrote about the SmoothSkin Gold – an at-home IPL for which I had great hopes. I had meant to give you a weekly blow-by-blow of how the de-fuzzing was going, but I had a rethink: without pictures of the offending hairy area, I thought the weekly defuzz diary could be rather boring (and with the pictures, well, possibly rather offending?!)

So here I am, four months later, back to report on the result. The area I chose to treat? The very delicate (by which I mean painful!) bikini area. Now you see why I didn’t want to be posting pictures! 

SmoothSkin Gold handset & Pack IPL Hair Removal SmoothSkin Gold IPL Hair Removal Laser Head

The outcome? Well, let’s just say I won’t be running away from a bikini or bathing suit this summer! The SmoothSkin Gold is super easy to use (although you do have to be connected to a power source) and the large head makes it really easy to cover the area in the minimum number of “shots”. The ergonomically designed handset means that even those awkward-to-reach areas are a doddle, and there’s no arm ache or frozen muscles from balancing yourself in odd positions to rid yourself of hair in those hard-to-get-at places.

I was rather worried that with my Indian skin tone, I wouldn’t be abel to use the SmoothSkin Gold on my skin, but it’s worked beautifully, with no burns or other side effects. It’s the easiest (and sleekest) at-home IPL / hair removal gadget I’ve tried. I do still love my Tria for the facial area, as the head is tiny and makes it easy to really target little areas, but the SmoothSkin Gold is definitely the one for the body – the large laser head size (check the picture – it’s literally almost half the length of my finger), means that underarms are done in four or five shots – and as far as I’m concerned, the less the number of shots needed, the less the pain!

At only £299, yes, it’s an investment, but compared to salon prices, it’s a no brainer. Just a cursory glance at salon prices and you could be spending around the same amount for a course of three sessions for your bikini area alone (and you’d need at least six to eight). Once you have the SmoothSkin Gold, you not only have the convenience of being able to treat your hairy skin at a time that suits you, you can also treat your whole body (if you need it) for the total price of £299.

So, a rather long post to basically say, I love the SmoothSkin Gold, couldn’t recommend it enough to any wanna-be hair-free gals (and guys!) out there and I’m looking forward to a smooth summer ahead.

For more information on the SmoothSkin Gold, click here

ps back in November, I promised a SmoothSkin Giveaway – so here it is:


For an extra entry, tweet the following: “Win a #SmoothSkinGold at-home IPL worth £299 with #BeautyPassionista @AmbarinaHasan #win #giveaway #bbloggers”



  1. Rhoda K

    I’d love to win a Smoothskin Gold as I’ve been wanting to try IPL for a while but the cost to get it done in the salon is too prohibitive. rhodak on bloglovin, @rhodak09 on twitter.

  2. Imenka

    I’ve just read your November post and it sounds great! I’d love to win because I’m sure it would make my life easier and leave me more spare time for some lovely things 🙂
    Twitter: @imenka_doe
    Bloglovin: Imenka Doe
    Thank you! x

  3. Sarah Yemi

    I would love to win smoothskin gold, as I will be going on holidays in Portugal in May, and this product would make my body be “UnHairy”, as i am very hairy due to my west indie side and become, sexy, glowing holiday ready summer skin 😀

  4. Laura W

    I’d like to win a SmoothSkin Gold as for the first time since I was 18 (now 28) I find myself single and have lost all body confidence. I have wanted to try IPL for a while but the cost is too much for me! I was thinking having beautiful hair-free skin would help in my quest to recover my former confidence. Thanks. I’m @micra_love on Twitter! x

  5. tiggerific1973

    I would love to win the Smoothskin Gold because I have polycystic ovarian syndrome which means I suffer from excessive hair growth where no woman should have hair!!! IPL is way too expensive for me and now I have resorted to shaving everywhere 🙁 Awful!

    I am following on Twitter @Alica73 and Bloglovin tiggerific1973

    Thank you for the chance 🙂 xx

  6. Karen Laren

    As a single mum of a certain age my hirsuteness has increased whilst the time and money to spend on my appearance has decreased. I’d love to win this in order to level the playing field and to feel gorgeous once more.

  7. hummara

    Im so hairy i put the men to shame.Have been waxing threading plucking and bleaching since joke 10 years old.
    im a mum of 4 need a perm fix.I need, want, have it pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!!

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  9. Jade

    I would love to win as I have excess facial hair on my chin and neck which is very embarassing…currently trying a cream from dr but takes 4 months to show an effect before they’ll try something else and it’s only been one month with no difference so far 🙁 This would help me so much!

  10. nashath ullah

    I’ve heard so many good things about IPL from family and friends and have always wanted to try it for myself but unfortunately it is way to expensive. Always wanted to get rid of the facial hair. This looks amazing and especially that it works for Asian skin.
    Twitter: @princessnishy

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