The Best HairBrush for Long Hair

The Wet Brush Neon

It’s not often I would consider spending a whole post waxing lyrical about a brush, but the humble  Wet Brush really is a worthy contender.

Let me backtrack. The Tangle Teezer has long held a special place in our home – what with my long hair, (which I’m always trying to grow longer), and my daughters with their waist length, nay, bottom-length hair, there’s always a place for anything that makes de-knotting that little bit easier and less painful. Heck, there’s even a tangle teaser at home that’s been specifically reserved for brushing my cats (yes, I know, they’re very stylish cats!).

But although my girls (and cats) love it to bits, for some reason it just wasn’t doing it for me. The teeny tiny little knots still hurt like hell, it took ages for me to brush my hair out with it, the bristles never seemed long enough or strong enough to really get to grips with my hair and it just kept flying out of my hands.

The Wet Brush, however is a totally different affair. First off, the comfortable handle means I can hold it properly without it whizzing its way around the room of its own accord and the bristles are long enough and sturdy enough to really detangle in the way the Tangle Teezer never quite managed to do. And there’s no pain. Whatsoever. If, like me, you’ve ever thought the Tangle Teezer didn’t quite live up to all the hype, then you might love The Wet Brush as much as we do. 

It’s now replaced the Tangle Teezer for me and my girls – we have one each and love it to bits. The fact that we have it in neon pink, orange and green may or may hot have added to our glee! (The cats however, are still big Tangle Teezer fans!)

Are you Tangle Teezer die-hards through and through? Or do you think you might be converted to the The Wet Brush like we were?


The Wet Brush, £11.99, available here


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