Currently Obsessed #20: Cleansing – from Hi-Tech to Low

Clarisonic Magnitone Luna Foreo Cleansing Gadgets

When it comes to skincare (which you already know I’m obsessed with), obsession doesn’t even come close when we start talking about cleansing.

Although I’ll admit to the odd occasion when I’ve gone to bed without cleansing (come on, it was 3am, and I knew I had to be up again at 6.30!) it’s a fair bet to say I’ll 99.9999% have a freshly cleansed face morning and night.

While my choice of cleansers varies depending on the amount of makeup I’ve been wearing, how much time I have available and of course, which new products I’m trying out, the method of cleansing also tends to vary too, depending on the same factors.

So I thought I’d round up my five favourite methods of cleansing and why.

Clarisonic: My first electronic gadget for the face, (a cheeky little birthday present to myself), the Clarisonic claims to remove six times more dirt, grime and makeup than conventional cleansing alone. I love the feeling of the vibrating bristles on my face and the fresh feeling it leaves me with. But, at £125 for the Clarisonic Mia 2, this is definitely a considered purchase, even if you are totally into your skincare.

Best for: those serious about their skincare and not on a budget!

Magnitone: Given how much I love the Clarisonic, I was super excited to try the Magnitone when it launched over a year ago (it even made it into one of my favourites video, here) and especially so when you consider how much more affordable it is than the Clarisonic. I’ve got the Magnitone Pulsar, which admittedly is currently just under £95 (with a special 10% off promotion at, but you can pick up the Magnitone Lucid for under £60 (also currently on a 10% promotion) which makes it less than half the price of the Clarisonic Mia 2. At 10,000 oscillations per minute, the brush literally oscillates the dirt out of your pores (sounds gross, I know, but the feeling after you’ve cleansed is like nothing else). My skin feels super-clean deep down, almost the same free feeling you get when you throw open all the windows of your house. Products such as serums and facial oils sink in faster (and deeper) and I’m pretty much addicted to the feeling.

Best for: Deep cleansing addicts, skin care obsessives (like me!) and all skin types.

Luna Foreo Mini Cleansing Gadget

Foreo Luna Mini: This cute little gadget is probably the sleekest thing on my vanity right now and I can’t stop staring at it! The tiny little silicone nodules (which make it super hygienic) use transdermal sonic pulsations, at around 8,000 pulses per minute, to deeply cleanse. It doesn’t leave me with the same “fresh” feeling as the Magnitone, but I can tell when I apply my products how well cleansed my skin is. My face feels toned and skin feels plumper, as if my face has had a mini-workout. It feels so comfortable on the skin as it travels across the face that I could easily keep going with it for longer than the recommended minute. Oh, and did I mention it lasts around 6 months on just one battery charge?

Best for: Sensitive skin and blemish prone skin, as the silicone brush is so gentle (more gentle than a brush) and it somehow feels more hygienic than a brush that might store bacteria if not looked after properly.

Emma Hardie Lift & Sculpt Cleansing Cloths: Back in the day, I used to use a damp muslin to wipe away my cleanser, but I always found it a little rough on my skin – yes, I know that’s the point, for a daily gentle exfoliation, but, there’s rough and there’s rough. So when I first tried Emma’s double-sided microfibre clothes, I was in heaven. The muslin is still there on one side for die-hards, but the microfibre side is my preferred choice. Super soft and gentle on the skin, it literally deep cleanses like nothing else – I think of it as the non-techy version of the Magnitone. I’ll also use it dry to buff the skin to pep it up (à la the technique show to me by Emma herself) and I buy these by the bucket load. Enough said.

Best for: Non-techy gadget phobes who still want a good deep cleanse.

Fingers: When you just want to get down to basics, there’s nothing like your fingers for really getting to know your face. Now, I’m not saying you’ll get the same deep down cleanse as you would with the four methods mentioned above, but sometimes, all I want is a gentle (or vigorous) massage on my face; that’s the time only my fingertips will do. There’s something about the warmth, the softness and the ‘getting back to nature’ aspect of it that’s so comforting.

Best for: everyone!

What’s your favourite method? And who else is going to ‘fess up to going to bed without talking their makeup off?


Clarisonic Mia 2, £125, here

Magnitone Pulsar and Magnitone Lucid, £94.99 & £59.98, here

Foreo Luna Mini, £99, here

Emma Hardie Lift & Sculpt Cleansing Cloths, £10 for 3, here

Fingertips, FREE!



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  1. March 4, 2015 / 7:16 pm

    Finger tips hahaha….not what I was expecting to read but true! I love the Emma Hardie cleansing cloths. Hoping to get a clarisonic soon as it really seems to be the king (or queen?) of hi-tech cleansing. In the meantime might buy a Magnitone (can never have too many hi-tech cleansers!)

    Mara xxx

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