Currently Obsessed #19: StyLondon Metallic Jewellery Tattoos


Now, before you all get excited that I finally took the plunge to get inked up (heads up: that’s never going to happen – I’m far too scared of needles!), let me just say straight off, I’m talking temporary tattoos; no needles needed.


These StyLondon Metallic Jewellery Tattoos  are the perfect way to indulge my inner bling-monster. Over 500 designs, from girlie and utterly feminine to geometric patterns and just about every other design you could care to imagine, these are such great fun – I literally can’t get enough of them!

Although they come in single packets of different designs, there’s nothing to stop you mixing them up and using them just how you want – the design I’ve placed on the back of my hand is one I made up myself using a couple of different tattoos.

Super simple to do, it’s literally as easy as placing the tattoo on your skin, applying a wet tissue or cotton wool pad, soaking the backing paper off and voila! You are bejewelled! The tattoos last around four to five days, depending on where you place them (and how much washing up you’re doing!)

I can’t wait for an occasion to wear the angel wings and there’s some feather designs I’ve also got my eye on. Check out all the designs available at the StyLondon website. Not only do you get a £5 credit if you register on the website, I’ve managed to get you guys an extra discount. Just quote AMBARINA20 at the checkout for a further 20% off your total – yay! 

And make sure to tag me on insta or twitter if you post pictures of yourself wearing your StyLondon tattoos – I can’t wait to see what you creative beauties come up with!


StyLondon Metallic Tattoos, from £3.99, available here


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