All Will Be Revealed…Soon! #secretproject



I’ve been you-tubing, (here) tweeting, instagramming and all manner of things about a super exciting secret project that I’ve been dying to tell you all about, and it’s nearly time to spill the beans… almost! All will be fully revealed next week, but what I can let you know right now is this:

I’m going to be working with Beauty at Tesco on something so big and so different, the likes of which you haven’t seen before. It’s killing me not being able to tell you more at this stage, but there’s only 6 days to wait until the big announcement…and I’ve been holding onto this secret for months! Can you imagine how I feel!

Stay tuned on the Wednesday 18th for all the news – I promise, it’s going to be something really special!

If you can guess what it might be, leave a comment below – it’d be fun to hear what you think it could be!





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