Winterproofing My Skin

Winter Skincare Kit Antonia Burrell sk-n Chanel Aurelia Hourglass Lotil Dr Lipp E45

New Yorkers, you have my sympathy and my admiration – that blizzard was truly testing in so many ways. And it got me thinking; what do I do to protect my skin from extreme weather conditions? Not that I’m saying it’s been anywhere near as bad here in London, but I don’t suffer the cold gladly (read: I’m a wimp).

So I thought I note down here what I’m currently relying on to keep my skin ship-shape and help it endure the winter weather, in case in might help any of you too.

Most of my efforts focus on repairing and regenerating, so there are quite a few nighttime treatments featuring the in the line-up.

There’s nothing I like as much as a good face oil. Aurelia’s Cell Repair Night Oil seems to work like magic on my skin overnight. No matter how bad the day has been, just a few drops of this massaged into my face at night and a wake up with nourished, hydrated and plump skin. And the smell is divine – all that lavender, rose, mandarin and of course, my favourite neroli combine to produce the most heavenly face oil you could imagine.

Another skin plumper I adore is Antonia Burrell’s Forest Dew Skin Conditioner. I know it’s not immediately apparent from the name, but this toner is a serious multi-tasker – I adore it as a treatment as personally recommended to me by Antonia. I’ll put a serious amount onto the skin, pat it in and wait half an hour, at which point I’ll repeat the process. Half an hour later and the skin is seriously hydrated and plumped – are you sensing a trend here? I’ll use this at night and let the Skin Conditioner really get to work as I sleep.

For an overnight mask, I’ve been trialling Chanel’s Sublimage Masque, as recommended to me by Meloney at my local Chanel counter. Just a couple of uses has convinced me I’m going to need to shell out the £100 price tag as some point (i’m sure I have some birthday present vouchers waiting to be used). This deeply regenerative masque feels super light on the skin, not tacky or sticky so there’s nothing to rub off on precious pillow-cases, but works wonders overnight to firm up the face and even out skin tone.

My nighttime lip treatment of choice (if I’m not DIY-ing it with honey) is the Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil. 14 essential oils and vitamins A, B5, C and E all work super-hard not only to moisturise but also to straighten the lips’ own moisture barrier and improve the appearance of the lip volume and texture.

I love massaging in a good hand cream and there’s rarely a night I’ll go to bed without a good dollop of the stuff – there’s no handwashing or washing-up for a good 6-8 hours, so it can really get to work uninterrupted! E45’s Repair & Protect Overnight Handcream for Dry Skin just gives me what I want – younger looking hands when I wake up. The Vitamin B3 helps with cell rejuvenation and for a more intense treatment, I’ll pop on a pair of cotton gloves over the cream at night – not sexy I know, but so effective.

If I’m out and about and the weather has been battling my face, I fight the redness with sk:n Anti Redness Face Cream. This no-nonsense cream is perfect for soothing the skin and reducing inflammation caused by the irritating (literally!) weather. The Magnolia Bark extract helps to repair the fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates the skin natural defines against chronic inflammation while the Grape Seed extract and Vitamin E add seriously good anti-oxidant value, deeply moisturise and put back what the day is trying to take out!

The Lotil Lip Care SPF30 is a simple but effective barrier for my lips, giving them al the procession I need and easy to wear under any lipstick, even a matte one.

And lastly, you’ll always find a little tube of Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips balm in my handbag somewhere. Perfect for chapped lips, sore cuticles, taming frizzy fly-away hairs, taming eyebrow hairs, adding a cheeky cheek highlight, disguising split ends… it’s a serious mult-tasker that has really earned it’s place in my bag and is especially indispensable right now.

Winter weather, you got nothing on me!


Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil, here

Antonia Burrell Forest Dew Skin Conditioner, here

Chanel Sublimage Masque, here

Hourglass No.28 Lip Treatment Oil, here

E45 Repair & Protect Overnight Hand Cream for Dry Skin, £3.99 here

sk:n Anti-Redness Face Cream, here

Lotil Lip Care SPF30, here

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips, here

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    Fantastic which of these would you recommend am going skiing in 2 weeks?

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