‘Tis the Season for Sniffles…

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Cough. Sneeze, Sniffle. Escuse me while I just make myself a hot water bottle and I’ll be right back.

Know the feeling? Been there this winter? I’ve had a house full of sick people for the last three weeks, and I’m thanking my lucky stars (and my flu jab!) that I haven’t yet caught it, but playing Florence Nightingale to the poorly has got me focused on the necessities (read: drugs) , so I thought I’d share here with you.

Colds & Flu Strepsils Lemsip Colds & Flu Hand Sanitiser ColdZyme Colds & Flu Chloraseptic herpatch 6 Vitamin Shot

So, let’s start with the obvious. An oldie but essential, Lemsip has been in my house ever since I can remember, and if’ve run out, I literally make my own by taking paracetamol with hot water and lemon juice. The cough syrup version, Lemsip Cough Syrup for Mucus Cough, has been a godsend for my mother, who’s been feeling more poorly than she can remember ever being. It’s the non-drowsy version, which allows her to get on with her day, although I have to say, she really didn’t feel like doing anything much at all. Strepsils Extra Strength are also a must-have to calm tickley sore  throats – I’ll always have a few somewhere in my handbag, just in case.

Of course, the key thing is to try to prevent the darn bugs taking hold in the first place. Hygiene is key. No sharing cups or tasting food from someone else’s plate – and of course washing hands scrupulously. Just to be sure, I carry a hand sanitiser with me at all times, such as the ecohydra Antibacterial Foam Hand Sanitiser. The kids love it too – they joy of squooshing the foam never ends – and the added aloe vera means it’s gentle on the skin. New to my anti-bug arsenal is the ColdZyme OneCold Mouth Spray. As the most common route of infection by cold viruses is through the respiratory tract, it’s no surprise that the first sign that I’m about to fall ill is a tickly and restricted throat. Without getting all science-y on you, the spray forms a protective active enzyme barrier on the mucus membrane in the throat, where the viruses usually take hold, traps them and prevents them from binding to the the cells, helping the body to remove them naturally. If I’ve left it too late and the throat feels like it’s been scraped with a razor, a squirt of Chloraseptic usually numbs away the pain.

And now let’s talk cold sores. If getting run down and under the weather results in the dreaded cold sores tingle then you need to zap it pronto before it really gets going. The Herpatch Cold Sore Serum and Prevention Stick SPF30 could become your best friends. At the first stage of outbreak, apply the white Serum over the sore; it forms a protective film that gets to work straight away and also helps to make it less obvious – although we all know it’s the only thing you’ll see on your face! And if you’re a regular sufferer, use the Prevention Stick  to help keep your lips hydrated while protecting yourself from the external triggers.

When I feel I’m on the mend, emerging from under the duvet and taking a refreshing shower is a sure-fire way to make me feel human again. And to help me back on my way to normality, a vitamin shot like the 6 Vitamin Shot is a great little energy boost  – caffeine, amino acids and vitamins combine to make me feel alive and full of energy, even if just for a short while.

And if all else fails? Back to the duvet, a cup of herbal tea, a hot water bottle and some rubbish daytime tv always does the trick – but that only works if I’ve got someone to look after me… as if!


Lemsip Syrup for Mucus Cough, £31.9, here

Strepsils Extra StrengthBlackcurrant Lozoneges, £3.00, here

EcoHydra Antibacterial Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer, £24.9, here

ColdZyme OnceCold Mouth Spray, £9.99, here

Chloraseptic Throat Spray, £5.75, here

Herpatch Cold Sore Serum, £7.99, here

6 Vitamin Shot, here



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