The Foundation Brush For Those That Don’t Do Buffing

Makeup Forever Foundation Brush

Ever since I discovered the Real Techniques Buffing Brush I’ve been totally converted to the idea of buffing brushes for a flawless foundation application. What’s not to love? Seamless blending, no technique required and perfect results every time, even for foundation newbies. Admittedly, I was already a huge fan of buffing my foundation onto my face as I’m a long time fan of the Bare Minerals Original SPF15 Foundation that rely on a buffing technique application. Most recently, the Zoeva Silk Finish 102 Buffing Brush has been my everyday must have for a perfect foundation finish.

makeup forever foundation brush_

So the flatter, painter-style brushes were pushed well and truly to the back of the draw…until I discovered this little superstar. Ladies (and gentlemen), may I present to you, the Makeup Forever Foundation Brush 108. It’s big (really big), it’s flat and it’s rounded – and it works a dream. Perfect for the larger areas of the face yet precise enough to go round the eyes and nose, the compact straight bristles give a flawless medium to high coverage and I find works best with liquid foundations, although it’s also  perfect for cream foundations, pressed and loose powders. No tell tale brush mark signs left of on the skin – it’s fluffier than any other flat brush I own, which makes it spot-on for an airbrushed finish – perfect.

My ideal partner for this brush is the Makeup Forever HD Foundation (I’m in shade XX) and the Pressed Powder Foundation (shade XX is my perfect match). It’s not the brush I’d opt to carry around in a makeup bag, but for applying foundation whilst at my dressing table, it’s perfect.

For an even more airbrushed finish, I’ve been using the Zoeva brush for a final bit of buffing over the foundation once its already been applied – foundation heaven!

What’s your go-to method for the perfect foundation face?


Makeup Forever 108 Large Foundation Brush, $36, available here

Makeup Forever HD Foundation, $42, available here 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush, £20.99, (part of the 4-brush Core Collection Set), available here

Bare Minerals Original SPF15 Foundation, £25, available here

Zoeva Silk Finish 102 Buffing Brush, £11.50, available here


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