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British Beauty Blogger Marks & Spencer Makeup Kohl Eyeliner Lip Trio

Everywhere you look these days, bloggers are collaborating with beauty brands and I for one am loving it! Latest on the shelves is fabulously affordable range of makeup that Jane Cunningham a.k.a. British Beauty Blogger has launched with good ol’ Marks & Spencer.

I have the utmost respect for Jane and her blog – hers was the first blog I followed and read daily, she’s probably one of the first beauty bloggers that I followed on Twitter and I religiously set my alarm to be one of the first to buy her beauty boxes when she puts them together. What Jane doesn’t know about beauty probably isn’t worth knowing, so a Jane Cunningham directed makeup range has got to be worth checking out. And I couldn’t think of a better retail partner for Jane to marry up with – I trust Jane’s advice above and beyond and M&S never fails to deliver, so it’s a win-win before I’ve even opened up the boxes!

There’s an 6-shade eyeshadow palette, all perfect neutrals – with the clever addition of a blusher – perfect for travelling; there’s a collection of 6 mini nail polish in season appropriate shades which I hear is great quality and a very cute bronzing set that would be a perfect gift. I’ve got my mitts on the 8-shade kohl eyeliner collection and the lip crayon trio, both priced £15 each.

The limited edition range comes in the most beautiful packaging featuring illustrations from fashion and beauty illustrator Nuno Da Costa (so very Jane!)  which make it all so perfect for gifting.

British Beauty Blogger Kohl Eye Pencils Marks and Spender Marie Reynolds candle British Beauty Blogger Kohl Eye Pencils Marhs and Spencer

Britihs Beauty Blogger Eyeliner Kohl Pencil Kit British Beauty Blogger Lip Trio Marks and Spencer Marie Reynolds

British Beauty Blogger Lip Trio

British-Beauty-Blogger-Lip-TrioBut to the products! The 8-strong collection of kohl eye pencils are strongly pigmented, soft enough to not ‘pull’ on the eye yet hard enough not to collapse when creating the perfect cat-eye flick. The colours are perfectly chosen, especially with the impending party season in mind. I’m loving using the black (what else!) to line the upper eyelid (and flick it out) and using the purple-bronze to gently define the lower lid. And that unusual light lilac shade is just perfect to highlight the inner corner – genius! I just wish they came in twist up packaging rather than pencils that need sharpening, but I know that would have taken them to a very different price point – these work out at just under £1.90 per pencil – that’s insane!

The lip trio do, however, come in the twist up packacking that lazy girls like me love so much. Jane’s covered all the bases here, with these highly pigmented, moisturising lip crayons in nude, coral and red. I’ll be wearing the red almost everyday – it’s incredibly wearable and perfect for a Fall face. There’s just the right amount of sheen without being too glossy, so staying power is pretty perfect too.

The whole range is perfect for Christmas gifts and available at M&S. They’re currently on a 3 for 2 special offer, but be quick! These are limited edition and are set to sell out.


British Beauty Blogger Makeup Kits at Marks & Spencer, priced £14 and £15, available here


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