Well….not mine, but a very close family member. As you read this, I’ll be 37,000 feet high in the sky, flying to Toronto for a full-on Indian nuptial celebration. I love a good wedding, especially an Indian-style one, with all the noise, colours, glamour and hoolla-goolla (fun and games) that goes with it.

So new posts may well be thin on the ground this upcoming week, but how about taking this as an opportunity to catch up on reading any old posts you may have missed. And make sure to follow me on Twitter @AmbarinaHasan and Instagram @beautypassionista to keep in touch, see what I’m up to and to say hi!

If there’s anything you think I should be checking out – be it sightseeing, eating out or shopping, then make sure to tweet me and let me know! And if you fancy a vlog from my time in Canada, then let me know, either in the comments below or on Twitter.

See you all soon!



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