Currently Obsessed #10: The Art Tour

This week’s obsession comes from a different place – no lipsticks or face creams today, so apologies if you came here looking for some maquillage – normal service will soon be resumed, but for today, this is a place where art is beauty and beauty is art.

Recently I went on a little walking art tour around the fancier parts of London with an art group I belong to, and I’m so in love with the various pieces I saw that I thought I’d take you along with me. So there’s very little reading and lots to feast your eyes on. Sit back with a coffee, feet up and drink in the beauty.

In the Louis Vuitton store, Bond Street:




The Opera Gallery:

P1010122 P1010124 P1010123 P1010125 P1010127 P1010126

The Halycon Gallery:

Hand blown glass by Dale Chihuly…

P1010145P1010141 P1010146 P1010148 P1010140 P1010149 P1010138 P1010143 P1010144

And my favourite. Lorenzo Quinn…

P1010150 P1010151 P1010152 P1010153 P1010154 P1010155 P1010157 P1010158 P1010161 P1010159 P1010160


PS if anyone fancies buying me a present, the final bronze sculpture (above) is currently at the top of my wish list…. 🙂



  1. Sokimo
    March 20, 2015 / 6:08 pm

    Best stuff is the Quinn stuff. I mean seriously he has to be the Michelangelo of our time.

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