Currently Obsessed #7: My Morning Tipple….

Little's Coffee

I’m not really a tea and coffee kinda gal; I try to stay away from caffeine whenever possible. But come on…there are days when we all need an extra boost? (Monday mornings, I’m looking at you!) So in a bid to make coffee slightly more palatable, I’ve been loving this delicately flavoured version which I picked up in my local Waitrose (although you can buy it in Harvey Nichols food hall too!)

Little's Coffee Vanilla

Little’s Flavoured Instant Coffees come in teeny tiny bottles which caught my eye when doing the weekly shop and the flavour really tickled my fancy. And as it was such a small bottle, if I didn’t like it, it wasn’t that I’d be throwing away a huge jar of it. So it came home with me and I’m so glad it did. Just the scent of it in the bottle is utter bliss – it’s sitting in front of me as I type and the smell of coffee infused with vanilla is wafting over. So often, when something smells really good, it doesn’t translate to the taste, fruit teas being  a prime culprit. But this tastes good as it smells.

Just a small dash of milk is enough to bring it too life (you can add sugar too if you fancy it, but I don’t have a sweet tooth).

So although I’m desperate to get onto a post-summer detox, this little bottle has other ideas! Now please excuse me as I nip off to the kitchen to boil the kettle…coffee, anyone?


Little’s Bourbon Vanilla Flavour Instant Coffee, £3.60, here

ps there are loads of other flavours too, if Vanilla doesn’t light your fire,

including Swiss Chocolate, Hazlenut, Irish Cream and more.


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  1. September 14, 2014 / 7:20 pm

    This sounds so yummy!

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