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You know the drill with my hair. Can’t blow dry it properly  to save my life, never able to recreate a sleek salon style and consequently hate washing it – it’s the bane of my life. But my current obsession is beginning to change all that.

SHOW Beuaty Hair

SHOW Beauty haircare is an ultra-glam looking range of products that actually perform (there’s not a dud one among them) that make my hair easy to style without compromising on hair health. I start with the fabulous Treatment Oil that has replaced my Moroccan Oil to protect hair from the damaging effects of the hairdryer and tongs (no more frizzes!) and literally gives me catwalk looking hair. The Thermal Protect Spray is great for damp hair but I totally love that’s its great for an in-between-wash restyle without wetting down the hair too much. And my fine hair loves the Volume Mist and Working Texture Spray for when I need a big hair day!

The alluring scent runs throughout the range, so layering the products is no problem – it’s such a beautiful fragrance that I get asked what it is all the time. Vanilla-ish and more-ish, it’s just yet another element I can’t get enough of.

And will you take a look at those bottles? Each one is a beaut! More like a perfume bottle than haircare, especially the Treatment Oil, I just want to stare at them all day.

In fact, I’m almost contemplating buying a new dressing table just so they can have a space of their own!



If you want to see which other hair products are tickling my fancy right now,

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SHOW Beauty Haircare, from £30, available here



  1. 1 September 2014 / 1:07 pm

    Oh now that is a beautiful set, I wouldn’t want to use them x

  2. 2 September 2014 / 11:57 am

    Oh my gosh I am completely with you on the ‘cannot blow dry my hair properly to save my life’. This hair care looks so lovely!
    Have followed you on Bloglovin, would be amazing if you could take a look at my blog

    Written with style | Bloglovin

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