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QMS MediCosmetics

You know me, I love a good facial. And I also love a good dose of science. So when the two come together in great skincare, I’m listening.

A little while ago, I popped along to the QMS Salon in London to find out about the QMS skincare range and was lucky enough to try out a facial, which I’ll come to in a little while, but just let me tell you a little about the science behind the brand. Founded by surgeon Dr Erich Schulte, the brand is a science-led, no-nonsense range of skincare that gets results. No gimmicks, no extraneous products to fill gaps – there is literally a reason for each and every product, be it a cleanser, moisturiser or sunscreen.

Coming from the plastic surgeon’s point of view, Dr Schulte realised that while a facelift might improve the lines, wrinkles and taughtness of the skin, it didn’t improve the quality, so appropriate skincare both before and after surgery was vital to avoid sceconday healing. He’d ask his patients to spend three months prior to surgery to prep the skin, making up skincare concoctions specifically for each patient.

That was over twenty years ago. Ever since then QMS has been winning awards for its products and services, most recently the Baden Baden Top Gala Spa Award this year.

QMS MediCosmetics Dermabrasive Gel

QMS MediCosmetics Activator Mask

QMS Spa Awards Winner Baden Baden

Key to the skincare range is Dr Schulte’s approach to preparing the skin so that it makes the most of the products used. By using fruit acids and collagen in safe concentrations, the intercellular “glue” between the dead skin cells is dissolved, creating the skin’s own “micro peeling”, leaving the skin smoother and allowing other products to penetrate.

The other key element to the QMS range is the use of collagen. 65% of the skin is collagen, so the use of natural soluble collagen that absorbs into the skin where it is needed, using the smallest molecules to penetrate through to where they are needed, is vital to the skincare products in the range. Without it, you just can’t fight the signs of biological ageing.

I love this skincare range, that respects the skin and doesn’t destroy the skin’s natural protective epidermal layer the way micodermabrasion or needling would. The smart technology used in the products works on the principle of stimulation, not irritation, using the maximum concentration possible without any unwanted side effects. As Dr Schulte says, “There should be no blood in a beauty salon, it’s not a sterile environment”.

QMS Facial Cream Mask

QMS Facial Algae Mask

QMS Facial Sheet Mask

Each and every facial is tailored to the individual client and to their needs at that time. My facial was just utter bliss. With each and every step, I could feel my skin being plumped and hydrated, with not an uncomfortable tingle in sight. Even the full face cover mask was a pleasure. Since my three-mask facial, I’ve become a bit of a fan of the Dermabrasive Gel for its gentle action fruit acids and enzymes that literally dissolve away the layers of dead skin cells. My skin is left looking younger, softer and smoother without the usual downsides of a skin peel – this is perfect for sensitive or problematic skin. This, followed by the Activator Mask (oh, how I love a good sheet mask), is like having a spa facial at home. The Sport Active Cream has become another firm favourite as a fab multi-tasking tinted day cream with SPF15 – perfect for girls on the go who need only a little coverage with hydration and protection thrown in and works great as a base if you want to add extra coverage on top.

Feeding the inner layers of the skin without compromising the skin’s delicate barrier? This is skincare I can really get behind.


QMS Salon, 43 Cadogan Gardens, London SW3 2TB, website here


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