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A cursory scroll though these pages will reveal that I’m more than a little obsessed with skincare, so it’s no great surprise that a skincare product makes it onto my C.O. list within the first few weeks. What is slightly alarming, however, is exactly how obsessed I am with this wonder product from Alpha-H. How obsessed? Let me fill you in.

I’ve just got back from a two week holiday for which I was coerced into packing only cabin luggage. I mean, come on! Ask a girl to go with hand luggage only for two weeks? That’s barely enough space for the shoes I want to take with me, never mind the skincare, makeup, clothes, hair stuff…. you get the gist.

So with only very limited picks as to what came with me, including skincare in less than 100ml bottles, you can bet I was dreaming about getting back to my favourite skincare goodies. And what was I obsessing over getting back to the most? What did I run to the minute I got back, what had my heart a-flutter and my skin gagging in anticipation?

Alpha H Instant Facial with Cypress and Barley Skincare

Alpha-H Instant Facial is an overnight miracle in a bottle. Look back through past posts (here) and you’ll see how much I love my Alpha-H Liquid Gold, Balancing Cleanser and other bits. Umpteen videos on my YouTube channel (click here) mention other Alpha-H hits, including the Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50 and the Moisture Booting Facial Mist. This latest addition to my Alpha-H stash could quite possibly be the best of the bunch. Applied last thing at night after cleansing and toning, spritzed over the neck, throat and décolletage, swept over the face on a cotton wool pad (trust me, you do not want this going into your eyes, nose and mouth – I speak from experience!) and go off to the land of nod, letting this bad boy go work.

I wake up with skin that is refreshed, soft, plumped, hydrated, luminous, radiant…basically, undoing all the damage I’ve done to my skin with two weeks of neglect. (Works wonders on the back of the hands too, by the way).

I think of Alpha-H Instant Facial as a profuse, complete and utter apology to my skin, which it readily accepts. We are back on good terms, friends forever, with a promise to never fall out again.


Alpha-H Instant Facial, £37, available here

Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50, £27, available here

Alpha-H Liquid Gold 100ml, £31.50, available here

Alpha-H Moisture Boosting Facial Mist, £11, available here

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser Duo, (worth £46), £32, available here


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