Currently Obsessed #3: Scrubbing Up

Palmolive Thermal Spa Mineral Massage closeupAnyone worth their two weeks in the sun knows the secret to getting and keeping a glowing tan is all in the skin prep. So this (not so) little beauty is my current best friend.

Palmolive Thermal Spa Mineral Massage

In the same way that I exfoliate my facial skin daily (very gently), Palmolive’s Thermal Spa Mineral Massage is a fabulous shower gel and scrub combined, perfect for a daily sloughing off the dead skin cells, ensuring my tan is going to last longer and more evenly with less of the patchy look that is oh-so-unattractive. There are enough of the little microparticles to make sure my skin is super-soft and smooth but not so many as to make it all rather too stiff and gooey and too abrasive on my precious tan. The white clay particles and thermal minerals give just the right amount of scrubbing action to fully revitalise after a gruelling day on the beach or by the pool (poor me!) although the inclusion of SLS makes me want to find a dupe for this product without the unnecessary addition of the nasty lathering ingredient.

Any recommendations, please please let me know in the comments below….



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