Demakup Cotton Woold Pads Farmaline

This might seem like an odd one, but hear me out. While I love a soft, super smooth cotton wool pad for my face, that same softness and smoothness can be the bane of my life when removing nail varnish. There’s no traction, nothing to “grab” onto the polish and don’t even get me started on using it for glitter nail varnish.

DeMakUp Cotton Wool Pads Farmaline

So I’m totally and utterly in love with the DeMak’Up Cotton Wool Pads that I buy in Spain. In fact, so much so that they almost made it into this week’s Currently Obsessed…on reflection, they probably should have! With one side soft and smooth, the other made rougher by the addition of some criss-cross lines that add some friction, these are the perfect pads to work double time.

So obsessed am I with these, that I brought a few packs home with me from the holiday (slightly weird I know, but that’s me!), only to find I can order them from Farmaline! At only £2.18 for 70 pads, this is definitely my drugstore find of the week!


DeMak’Up Cotton Wool Pads, £2.18, available here


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